Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Gretchen Spohn | Owner of The Knotty K9, [mobile] dog massage therapist & veterinary cannabis guide

I came up with this business idea when my last dog Mogul, was nearing the end of his life and I was driving him to and from rehab. He was a big boy, and a tripawd due to bone cancer. He also had some behavioral issues. Having to worry about other dogs and having to load him in and out of my car was stressful (emotionally and physically) and almost everything I was having done for him at rehab could have been done in the comfort of our home. It made me realize there was a need a for more mobile services for dogs. It also really sparked my interest in holistic treatments for animals. Read more>>

Tim Paradise | Founder of Beefy Brands

day at work (I knew this based on his long sigh of despair when entering the house). Jack, like every other dude, seemed to have the same after-work routine down: – Open the fridge. Look around. See nothing. Close the fridge. – Order some dinner from an app. – Change his clothes to something comfortable. – Hang out in room for a little bit. – Get the dinner delivery. – Plop on couch. – Pick out what to watch on streaming. – Get up to get his drink…. wait. Read more>>

Natasha Diodata | Owner, Scent Creator, and Chandler

I already knew that I wanted to make candles, but I was asking myself how we would stand our from the crowd. I ordered some miniature glass jars to see if they would work, and viola! They did! I was enamored with how cute they were and how well they worked. A friend mentioned that they were Adorable and it kind of snowballed from there. We started out making tiny candles, and the scents I created were concoctions of childhood memories I wanted to relive.. Hardware store, Carnival Night, Thunderstorm; these scents are all very personal to me and I wanted to share them with others. Read more>>