It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Andrew Park | Owner, A Cut Apart

A Cut Apart was something that evolved very naturally, actually. I had been creating just for the sake of it and was seeing a bit of interest, so I came up with a name and logo and just went for it. In its most recent iteration, which I’m hoping will be able to become a full-time venture, I’ve been expanding my skillsets in order to be able to reach a larger customer base. When I started, I was solely making one-off pieces of art that would take me anywhere from 20-80 hours to design and complete, and, frankly, the prices I would have to charge for those pieces proved to be well out of my average customer’s price range. Now, in addition to fine woodworking pieces, I’m offering laser engravings and spray paint variants of my designs, as well as Rubik’s cube mosaics of all sizes. That way, whether the customer wants a one-off created by hand with exotic woods for $1000 or an engraving of the same image in a simple frame for $75, I can provide both options and many more. Read more>>

David Drangeid | Urban Farmer, Sauce, Salsa, and Spice Creator

The concept originated around 2010 when I took notice of the “world’s hottest pepper” entries being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Being an avid gardener, I wanted to try my hand at growing them myself. It took me a few years to become a competent pepper grower, as ‘super hot’ peppers are long season, tropical plants that are more difficult to grow in Colorado than other, more common pepper varieties. By 2014, I was ready to start my company, Bolder Super Hot. I started selling pepper plants at the Longmont Farmers Market, at home, and online. I am still working out the best and most profitable concepts and products for my business. I am currently selling peppers at farmers markets, and in Whole Foods Markets. I am also developing and selling pepper-based food products, plants and seeds. Read more>>

Christine Webster | Beekeeper

Like many beekeeping businesses, The Peoples Bees began with curiosity and a couple of backyard hobby hives; but unlike many beekeeping businesses, The Peoples Bees doesn’t just take the honey and run. As part of a generation of people who partially grew up on technology and pursued white collar careers, we were desperate to reconnect with the land and learn how to better honor nature as it were. Beekeeping enables us to do that, and in turn, The Peoples Bees helps others to do the same through our beekeeping services, education, advocacy, goods, and experiences. Read more>>

Melissa Rahfeldt | Boutique Owner

I’ve always loved shopping off the beaten path. Clothing boutiques offer options that make you stand out instead of blending in. Consignment stores also allow a person to take something old & make it new again at a bargain price. So, combining the 2 was a no-brainer for me. Read more>>