How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Toeknee Martian | Artist/Painter/Reiki

In the past I’ve always been creative. I always drew and painted but my first love was music. Where I was going with the music really didn’t take off as much and lost all the Masters. So I took a break on being creative for a while. Every time I meditated I would see these images where it was like I was at a gallery but it was black and white. I ended up using bright colors at first because I was doing black light paintings, or tried. Still kept the neon after my first buyer told me keep bright colors but not everybody has a blacklight. I remember my brother telling me about 5ish years ago that I had to be okay with doing art even if it sucked so we collabed on painting one night. It ignited another fire that to pursue art in this way. Read more>>

Noelle Romero | Denver Freelance Model, Noelle Romero

My name is Noelle Romero and I am a single mom of three children. I survived a roll over car accident and there is no reason on this earth I should be walking. After my accident, doctors told me that I would be wheel chair bound for the rest of my life. Through natural medicine and physical therapy I have been able to maintain my independence and my freelance modeling business. When I was first asked to model, I thought struggled with doubt and confidence. After lots of encouragement, I agreed to one shoot. Ever since that first job I have been booked solid for almost two years now. I am now a published model and refusal to give up on Noelle has been my greatest life lesson. Read more>>

Idrissa Diallo | Entrepreneur/ Student

When I hear the words give up it kind of pisses me off because I am a stubborn person who won’t stop until I can prove you wrong. So to this question how to know when to give up or when to keep going all I can say is keep going even when you hit a road block keep going fins that detour that propels you forward and one step closer to your goal. Even with how crazy covid is going I still kept the grind going and waited for the opportunity to come back big and show myself and everyone don’t stop ever! Read more>>

Zach Tutor | Curator

If you believe in something, if you’re passionate about it – I’m not sure this is a question you’d ever face. Within projects or while you’re building something, you will always be faced with obstacles. But if you know what you want and you can see that final product or goal and you believe in it more than anything else, then you’ll never ponder on this question very long. You won’t give up. Canyons on the way to realizing your passion don’t mean that you can’t go forward. You just have to think of a new way to cross them or go around. If you’re facing a dilemma like this, where you’re asking yourself things like “do I give up” don’t look at it as an end all – look at it as a fun diversion on the way to where you’re wanting to get. Everything is an adventure. Read more>>