We asked some of the brightest folks in the community to open up to us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Monica Michelle | Entrepreneur & Founder/CEO of BloomTV

The most important thing that I have been taught throughout my career, is that sometimes you just have to jump. Take that leap of faith! I truly believe that when I feel inspired to do something, or when creativity or an innovative idea comes knocking, that if I don’t answer, and agree to take that leap of faith on something I feel called to, or maybe that’s calling to me, that this innovation/creativity, will simply leave, and go knocking on another door. I believe that creativity and inspired innovation is a frequency and that it does not go away simply because you choose not to pursue that idea, but that instead it finds another person who IS willing to take that leap of faith. As an entrepreneur, I’m no stranger to risk, nor am I unfamiliar with feeling unequipped or not “experienced” enough to take on a new idea..you know..imposter syndrome. However, it seems to be that most people feel like this is business, and the crazy thing is, the further up the ladder you climb, the more common it is. Read more>>

Wolfblitzer | Hardcore band

Being humble as artists and connecting with the people. We love connecting with our audience in many ways beyond just the music itself. We love connecting to people from shows to our social media platforms to even avenues like this. At the end of the day we are people just like everyone else. We love music just like everyone at the shows that checks us out do. We are thrilled that anyone is joining us on this journey and checking us out. A beautiful trait of music is its ability to connect people so it’s cool to see when people connect with us just as we connect to them and to countless other people, bands, and artists alike. Read more>>

Valerie Weyrich | Yoga Instructor and Sound Healer

My art and craft is Sound Healing. Its the creation of sound and vibration with sacred instruments (singing bowls and gongs) for awareness, restoration, and healing. I feel like I fell into the craft. More like I free-fell into it. After I found the practice of yoga and started practicing regularly, I attended Yoga Teacher Training. In my Teacher Training, I was introduced to Sound Healing. At that time I was tightly wound mentally and physically. I was working a fast-paced job and taking time off to attend what was called a Yoga Teacher Training Intensive due to the tight schedule. So, when one of the teachers in the training immersed the class in vibrations and gong crescendos my tight grip was rattled and started to unravel. I felt like I free fell into a state of relaxation that was so incredibly foreign to me at that time, it was uncomfortable. It was just what I needed! From the expansive and transformative nature of my first experience with Sound Healing, I felt myself unwind, maybe for the first time ever. Read more>>

Edison Parker | Founder/Owner and Dumpling Devil at Shinkyu-No

I would say one of the most important lesson I’ve learned thus far in building my business is to trust my own process. It’s far too easy to compare yourself to others and how their business or career is panning out, and everybody’s specific process is as uniquely individual as they are. We all have different goals, ambitions, and measures of success, and when you can allow your own personality to shine through your process, you and your bussiness/career become something entirely unique. It’s easy to look at what someone else has or what they do and say “I want that”, and I feel in our society its only natural to want the success that we see others have. But to really look deep inside yourself and ask what success means to you requires a huge amount of courage. To come to terms with the fact that your life is truly your own and steps you take to achieve success, in business or a career especially, is no easy task. Read more>>

Ali Wagstaff | Nurse Practitioner, Aesthetic Provider

The most important lesson I’ve learned is that it really is a journey and to remember to enjoy the process. It’s really easy to look ahead at the big goals and to not feel satisfied until you reach them. That mindset can create motivation but it can also create unhappiness. When you show up every day and just do your best, while also enjoying yourself, that’s when the magic happens. Read more>>