Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Joe Dudeck | Owner, Marketing Agency

Over the past nine years as a business owner, I’ve found myself at this Go On or Give Up crossroads many times, typically after a rough client, a project doesn’t go as well as I’d hoped, a proposal never gets signed, etc. And in those moments, I’ve found how quickly shame likes to swoop in and pluck at the already thin line between “that was bad” and “I am bad” — eventually leading me to explore whether or not I should shut the doors and go back to refill a cubicle in corporate life. Read more>>

Ava Steger | App Designer/High School Student

One of the most important things about my project/app was the starting point. There were so many different ways that I could go, but slowing down at the beginning to see which ideas would really work and which ones were just going to be big wastes of time was so helpful. It took a lot of time to differentiate the two, and there were multiple times when I had to stop because there wasn’t enough research to back up my ideas. If you are passionate about something though, you usually will want to keep going. Although, make sure to plan beforehand to know that there is enough time in your schedule and enough potential in the idea to actually go for it. Read more>>

Ida Chorney | Holistic Aesthetician & Nutritional Therapist

When it comes to the question of continuing on or giving up, for me there is no question. I simply look at giving up as not being an option. If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up! Of course along your journey, no matter which path it is down, you will experience set backs. Set backs are not meant to make you question whether you should keep going or not, they are meant to be lessons that prove to ourselves how strong we really are and that we always have the ability to keep moving forward. Read more>>

Savanna LaBauve | Artist & Maker of Ceramic Objects

As an artist who thrives on problem solving, giving up is not in my wheelhouse. When I’m faced with a challenge, whether it’s in life or in my studio practice, I see two options: keep going or reframe the situation. More often than not, I welcome the challenges that arise in my art studio because they provide a reason and space for creative thinking, playfulness, and push me to a place I would have not explored otherwise. Read more>>