Deciding to work for yourself is often cited as the best decision folks in our community have made. Hearing the same response over and over led us to ask them about the next best decision folks have made and we’ve shared their responses with you below.

Peter Schwepker | Nature Photography

I have the opportunity to do what I love, and that is photographing nature. There is a spirituality to it. My view of success is whether or not I have lived up to my commitment to photograph the VERY BEST photo I can produce out of each scene without having to do composite images. Truthfully representing what was in front of my camera in that session is important to me and to those who follow my work. Read more>>

Brooke Hansen | Stylist/Salon owner

I love the Beauty industry and I wanted to make sure that I created a safe and fun environment for other stylist to work in where we all support each other and lift each other up! The Beauty industry can be a cutthroat industry and I wanted to make sure that I kept it being positive and supporting other women in the industry whether they worked with me or owned their own salon I wanted to make sure we all support each other! Read more>>

Caleb David | Principal/Employing Broker

Having the courage to fully step into my authentic self, and making the decision to come out as a gay man. Read more>>

Zany (Ciera Dykstra) | Founder and Artist

My dedication to sustainability in my business was the best and most important decision I made. I decided early on I wanted my company to not just be environmentally sustainable, but sustainable in my community as well. I focused on finding ways to reduce my waste and be carbon neutral, but also other local companies I could support and utilize. I was fortunate to form partnerships with some, and now have good working relationships with other business owners in Colorado. Sustainability as a practice involves how we exist in our environment as well as who we uplift in our community. Read more>>