Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Angel Tuccy | Media Exposure Specialist

We teach entrepreneurs how to create media & publicity by sharing their stories on podcasts, radio, television and online publications. Often times, business owners are so caught up in growing their customer base, they don’t realize the significance of their impact on the community. Yet, small business, even micro businesses, are the back bone of the American economy. They are the ones investing in their hometowns, supporting non profits, and communities. We get to focus on their good news, the milestones, and the successes. When something good happens in their world, I’m one of the first people to get notified so we can create a press release, put together an interview and spread the news. For example, I have clients who are feeding the hungry, being decorated with service awards, and becoming best selling authors. By sharing their stories, they inspire others to shine even brighter, to fight the good fight, and not quit. Read more>>

Gina Gerboth | Midwife & Lactation Consultant

Viable, safe options for birthing families are at the core of autonomy and informed choice. The maternity system in this country is set up to serve most people the same way. There is little room for exercising your personal preferences based on your value system. Home birth offers the standard of care while allowing families to birth as they wish–to have mobility in labor, to be undisturbed in the immediate postpartum period. When families feel like they are at the center of their decision making, they are empowered and prepared to take on the roll of parent with confidence. Outsourcing your decision making, as often happens in the mainstream obstetrical system, takes the power out of your own hands. Offering home birth midwifery services helps families get started on the right foot. Read more>>

Jari Majewski Price | CEO & Founder

Feel the Beat is a 501(c)3 nonprofit established in 2016 to make arts and culture accessible to those who are deaf, hard of hearing, and with special needs. Today, this simple yet powerful mission coupled with the implementation of innovative technology and immersive curriculum has provided more than 3,000 young people living with impairments and disabilities access to the expressive world of music and dance throughout Colorado. The benefits of cultural enrichment, particularly through music and dance, are vast among youth populations. In addition to physical benefits, research indicates long-term, participation in these activities also improve self-confidence and communication skills, and promotes collaboration, cooperation, and self- expression. Feel the Beat recognized there was a gap in the community, as many organizations and institutions are not focused on providing accessible programming to those with different needs. Read more>>

Sommer Grandchamp | Founder & Author

Discreet Journal helps you become more mindful and emotionally regulated. Our workbooks break typical barriers of mental health products by being one of the only inexpensive and private products on the market. It can be hard to verbalize your thoughts and feelings and Discreet Journal workbooks help you do that while remaining under $10 and maintaining your privacy. Read more>>

Olivia McGuire | Executive Director

Everyone deserves a seat at the table. Starting from Scratch provides a critical program that empowers adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to learn vital skills that immediately transfer to daily life – in the comfortable and familiar environment of the kitchen. Students develop cooking abilities and practice social interactions; making, sharing and eating food together. Skills focus on safety, hygiene, communication, self-leadership, decision making and planning/execution – daily living skills that apply to situations at home or in the workplace. Students gain access to a community where unique talents and capabilities are valued and celebrated. Confidence builds and they feel purpose and meaning through day-to-day accomplishments – promoting a feeling of competence and minimizing fear and anxiety. Read more>>

Sonja Wendt | Children’s Book Author

I was compelled to write my Children’s Story’s, under the overall theme and therefore creating of the business, Cultivating Compassion in Children, because of what was happening in the community and the world around me. My community and world need more compassion. What better place to start, than a child. There were child suicides happening within miles of my home. I received ads about being ugly if I didn’t use some beauty products like wrinkle creams and hair color. I saw my aging dad being misunderstood by his grandchildren because of disabilities acquired from the normal process of aging. I could see a child being excluded from others on the playground or at lunch because they were “different,” and the hurt and confusion expressed on their little faces. Read more>>

Jessica Gildea | Director of Marketing & Social Media

Our bags were created out a desire to keep our gear germ free. Our founder, Lori Gildea, grew terribly ill after she tracked germs from the gym, onto her gym bag, and into her body. After a 3 month recovery, she scoured the internet for a bag that would protect her gear and her, from germs. Coming up empty-handed, she decided to create her own bag. From there, ThePureBag was born! Our antimicrobial products include bags, facemasks, and accessories for everyday, work, school and travel. We are a family + women-owned business, made in the USA, and we give back to Clean Ocean Action. Read more>>

Samantha Schultz | Owner & Lead Travel Planner

One of Mark Twain’s most famous quotes: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” Since starting Plan Your Perfect Vacation over four years ago, my mission has remained the same: To inspire people to see the world. By “seeing” the world, I don’t mean simply checking things off a list, but seeing it through the eyes of the locals, immersing oneself in the culture, learning their views of the world, and becoming a changed person upon returning home as the result of it. This is why my agency is focused on customized, international trips that include life-enriching experiences that are matched to each client individually. Read more>>

Sue Lee | CEO & Co-Founder

Sock It To Em Sock Campaign is a 501c3 that provides new socks to men, women and children experiencing homelessness and/or are in need. Many know that Socks are the #1 clothing need of those who find themselves homeless, but they don’t know that one of the #1 reasons the homeless end up in the ER is a foot ailment and the #1 way to prevent the foot ailment from happening is having clean dry socks to wear on a regular basis. Socks wear out faster than any other article of clothing and people experiencing homelessness are on their feet a lot. The dirt and grime from the street easily gets into their shoes and causes friction that can easily result in wounds that can readily become infected. Read more>>