Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Tom Blette | Owner and Creator of TB Timeless Birdhouse

I have always been artistic and creative. I enjoy making things, building things and coming up with the plans in my head and then creating something. Wood working has always been something I have enjoyed, growing up my grandfathers wood shop was like a wonder land for me. The way my Grandpa had everything organized and in it right place is something I can still close my eyes and see. My grandpa was a craftsman and an Artist he taught me the importance of taking pride in anything I do. Read more>>

Debjit | Andrew Das | Parpart | Musicians

The reason behind Shae District has evolved a lot over the years. Nowadays it’s taken on a very community based focus. We love playing shows, sharing music, and hosting events because it brings people together. We were both raised in very inclusive families and friend circles, and we love sharing that with people. Read more>>

Rebekah Fulker | Therapist

My highest value in life and work has always been contributing to social justice and helping others. I worked with homeless youth on the streets of Denver for over a decade, then with young adults transitioning out of homelessness for several years, and now am in the business of helping people as a therapist. The thing is, I find it funny to say that I “help people,” when really I have always experienced helping professions as a mutual “helping” of one another. I believe that growth and healing happens in the context of community and that our best hope of getting better is together. Read more>>

Bones | Musician/Rok Skool Director

The 1st band I coached was four, 9 year old girls.. I was hesitant to take on the project at first but we quickly became partners in discovering their voices. The band empowered them to share their developing prowess and confidence with their growing fan base and become accomplished songwriters and performers, I witnessed them transform from shy little girls into self-confident, kind young ladies. Read more>>

Brooke Waldo and Lauren Kinder | Owners & Founders of Front Porch Gift Co.

We started Front Porch Gift Co. as a way to support local small businesses and give back to our community, and our gift boxes do just that! We design and create custom boxes that feature small businesses found here in Colorado Springs and along the Front Range. Each and every item we include has been thoughtfully selected, so it brings joy to the recipient while it also supports our local businesses. Read more>>

Lisa Steven | Founder & Executive Director, Hope House Colorado

Hope House is metro-Denver’s only resource providing free self-sufficiency programs to parenting teen moms, including Residential, High School & GED and College & Career Programs. Additional supportive services include parenting and healthy relationships classes, an Early Learning Program, health & wellness, financial literacy and personal growth classes as well as certified counseling, all designed to prepare them for long-term independence. Hope House relies on numerous volunteers and local business partnerships to accomplish its mission. Read more>>

Mary Sarmiento | Co-Owner of GoViroBlast & Mother of Two

The whole reason my husband and I started our business is because we saw a need in the community and we thought we could make a difference. Our company provides commercial and residential disinfecting services. Basically, that means that we come into your home or business and get rid of pretty much anything that could make you sick- viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, allergens, and more. Read more>>