Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Eric Holtgraves | Owner

Lift Coffee Bar was born out of the need to provide excitement, energy, connection, and enjoyment to our shared community! Our mission is simple – to get you happy! Whether that means giving you…Energy for the work grind, a boost before the kids’ sports game, an energy buzz before going out with friends, Lift Coffee Bar will get you to your happy place! We’re in the business of happiness. Our success is measured not only by the cups of coffee we craft for our customers, but by the smiles and sense of community you’ve helped us build. The support of our friends and neighbors has been invaluable, and we aim to give back with our enthusiastic Lift energy. We have been using our platform to encourage and spread happiness throughout our community while partnering with local northern Colorado nonprofit groups to help fundraise for various causes to positively impact our direct community. Read more>>

Annie Aladjova | CEO @ Roameo

Enjoying time in nature can be complicated. The desire to connect with nature resides in all of us, but authentic outdoor travel has always traded off luxury and hospitality for roughing it in the wilderness. We started Roameo to eliminate the barriers to outdoor travel, so more people can enjoy spending time in nature. By providing upscale Mobile Travel Suites (built on converted Ram Promaster vans), we can solve for many of the reasons that often hold people back from these vacations, such as safety, shelter, and easy access to creature comforts like temperature control and running water. Read more>>

Alex Fitzgerald | Business Owner | Dance Instructor | Designer

Making sure we are doing everything possible the “right way” is top of the list for Alex Fitz! We use recycled gold in our pieces, partner with ethical stone suppliers, reuse any packaging possible, invest in sustainable products and make twice annual contributions to our charity partner, Building Hope Summit. Through Building Hope we are able to provide mental health counseling for youth to families that don’t have room for it in their budgets. We are in the process of setting up Alex Fitz Gives Back Days where we will do in person volunteer days and invite our like minded clientele. Read more>>

Reid Allen | Founder, President and Director of Amplify Facilitator Training Project and Certified Life Coach

The Amplify Facilitator Training Project (AFT) is a Colorado-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing training, resources, and ongoing support to volunteer facilitators of LGBTQIA support groups. Our goal is to empower facilitators, decrease burnout, increase retention, wellbeing, confidence, supportive collaboration, and appreciation among facilitators so that they can make a profound impact in their communities without sacrificing their wellbeing to do so. AFT recognizes that being a volunteer facilitator can present challenges including personal sacrifice, time, emotional demands, navigating unforeseen circumstances, and lack of clear resources to help support the community we are most committed to serving. Read more>>