Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Cindy Loya | Artist

I am a parent, and I think that the most important thing you can do as a parent is set an example. 3 years after having my daughter, I decided to return to college and complete my degree after 10 years. I felt that completing my degree (which I am still working on) is important, not because of the degree, but because completing something even after years of starting, shows that no matter your age or what happens in your life, you can follow your passions and never give up your dreams. Read more>>

Ben Hess | Filmmaker

As a parent of a 4 year old who is just starting to encounter and experience normal conflict with her peers, my wife and I have really tried to impart in her to stand up for yourself and what’s important to you, but also be kind to others. We stress the importance of taking care of your friends and those who are less fortunate than you. Read more>>

Heather Ng | Jewelry Designer, Metalsmith, Boutique Owner, Mother

I did not sacrifice my dreams because I had a child. Growing up I saw my mother dedicate twelve years of her life to nothing but me and my brother. When she and my father got divorced she had to immediately find a job but had been out of the work force for twelve years, she ended up having to start all the way back at the bottom and rebuild her entire career. That stuck with me. I wanted to become a jewelry designer and a metalsmith and to one day have my own brick-and-mortar. I got pregnant with my son at 30, and that same year I started my apprenticeship. It was never an easy road having a small child and working full-time. However, I thought it showed my son two very important things. The first was that you didn’t have to give up your dreams for another person. It’s possible to have both. I wanted to show him that his mother was a strong and independent woman that could pursue her dreams AND be his mom. Lastly, I wanted him to understand the he isn’t the center of the universe. Read more>>

Denon Moore | Chief Cookie Engineer & Founder

I’ve raised my boys in the business from ages 3 and 5 – they have been with me the entire way. They’ve learned lessons of hard work, celebrations, struggles, economics, small business management, inventiveness, creativity, the value of a dollar, flexibility, togetherness, customer service, patience, reasoning, community stewardship, and so much more. Their education from being raised in the business likely surpasses what I can even imagine. Fast forward from 3 and 5 years of age; I have a 19-year-old pursuing a business degree and a 17-year-old ready to pursue his passion for music and art. I can boldly say my values have been passed along to them in a variety of ways. It’ll be fascinating to see where it takes them. Read more>>