We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Courtney Lewallen | Travel Empowerment Coach, Community Builder, and Wilderness Medical Instructor

The most important factor behind my success, and the success of Traverse Beyond’s is how many women we are able to empower to live their best lives through travel. That is anything from travel in the mountains, to domestic travel, to travel abroad. And furthermore we want these women to feel empowered to teach others about the amazing things they have learned, so we have a community of empowered women living lives they have always dreamed about. Read more>>

Carole Bright-Alvarez, M.A., M.B.A. | Owner & Tea”cher: in-TEA

People. Hiring, training and maintaining amazing employees is THE most important aspect of building success. They represent our brand, and, are the interface with our community. Hiring the best and brightest is essential. Read more>>

Brad Cooper, PhD | CEO – US Corporate Wellness & Co-founder, Catalyst Coaching Institute

As is always the case, there is never a “most important” factor behind the success of the Catalyst Coaching Institute but rather many things coming together at just the right time. For example, Suzanna and I were fortunate to bring very different – yet extremely complimentary – skillsets to the table that allowed us to cover essentially all aspects of business development and operations in the early years. Read more>>

Leeanna Victor | Psychic & Energy Healer

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand, is realizing that “failure” doesn’t actually exist. I’m not saying that I wont “fail” or that this won’t possibly end someday. I’m saying I have already succeeded, and will always succeed when I allow the small things to count as a win. A new reading, a new client, a new website… those are all a success, even if in the end this business doesn’t reach a million people or make a million dollars. Read more>>

Kim Welch | Personal Injury Attorney and A Bulldog for You””

The most important factor behind my success in opening my own personal injury law firm is that I am genuinely concerned for my client’s well being and helping them get their life back. A lot of personal injury law firms, or law firms in general, have a traditional model that is centered around the lawyer’s needs and makes the lawyer seem aloof. My law firm is client focused–everything we do is to make the experience better for the client and to take some of the stress caused by being in an accident off of their plate. Read more>>

Alisha Cerny | Wedding and Lifestyle Filmmaker

The relationships I make with clients and fellow industry vendors is by far the most important factor behind my success. I make a genuine effort to get to know clients on a scale where we’re comfortable with each other and so excited to work with each other. This ensures that they are happy to have me around them during the most intimate parts of their wedding day, and can trust that I’ll tell their story with authenticity and intention. Read more>>

R.T. Custer | Chief Vision Officer & Multi-passionate Entrepreneur

People & Team. I do and have done a lot of things and and the most successful things have been built with many other people involved, especially people with depth of knowledge and focus. I’m a visionary and multi passionate Entrepreneur who struggles with focus and needs to have many things gojng at one time. I do not have depth of knowledge on many subjects as I prefer breadth of knowledge. The people I’ve found and teams we’ve built keep the wheels on the bus and gas in the tank. Read more>>

Lexi Price | Strength and Conditioning Specialist

In my business, the most important factor is my client’s feeling of safety and success. It is my job to ensure that their training will not only get them to where they want to be physically but to also keep them safe, healthy, and moving well for all of life’s challenges. Read more>>

Havyn Hughes | MilSpouse + Realtor® + MRP

I contribute my success to being authentic, it can be very intimidating and hard when you first start on your journey to this career, but always be true to who you are! I’ve always had a passion for people, I love meeting people and learning about their stories. I was first introduced to the real estate industry in 2019 and the more I learned, the more I knew I had found what truly made my heart happy. It is the honor of a lifetime to be trusted by my clients, and I will never take that responsibility lightly. Read more>>

Nikki Rouillard | Owner and Performance Coach

Integrity, honesty and results. I have always been straight up with people who have come to me for advice, help with training and athletic goals, etc… I would say it was about 50/50 of hiring what they hoped and then not what hey hoped to hear. But within the mix I feel they felt inspired to move forward. Initially from referrals and their results but closing it with conversation. Read more>>