We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Joslynn Peterson | Strength & Conditioning Coach, Exercise Cancer Specialist, Runner & Climbing Coach

I am a first-generation American Hispanic woman who grew up with my grandma speaking Spanish to me and me responding in English. She walked me to school every day. She learned English with me. My single mom worked every day and always gave it her all, she is still working and giving it her all today. I grew up being around these women. Seeing them work hard day in and day out, I wanted to be like them. Read more>>

Jay Stott | Singer/Songwriter

Just don’t quit. As a songwriter and performing artist there a lot of ‘two steps forward and one step back.’ The main thing I focus on is just to keep going. You get a lot of nos. A lot. I have found that right at the moment I started to really think about giving up, I’d finally get a yes of some sort. In the in-betweens often the creative process is sustaining, so I try to focus on that. I love rehearsing with my band, or learning new songs, or writing new songs. SO I try to stay focused on those things and just keep going. Read more>>

Chase Smith | Traveling Nurse & Online Health Coach

I grew up in a fairly small area of Virginia, Mount Crawford, where my father still lives today, and lived with my through high school in an even smaller town, Hot Springs. My graduating class only consisted of 69 people, and we were a “big class.” Growing up, with both of my parents being in the construction/insulation business, I found myself staying in a somewhat similar field, architecture. I took classes in high school to fulfill this career, however I pivoted my junior/senior year of high school into the medical field. I initially chose radiology, but after summer internship, I realized that it wasn’t enough patient interaction for me, and that is when I finally decided on nursing. Read more>>

Taryn Starr | Pianist and Communications Specialist

The most important lesson I learned is to take every opportunity that comes my way even if it scared the crap out of me. I am an artist and a musician but have also loved business in general. Because of that, I do understand that many people only want to take opportunities that they feel ready for or are interested in. This is a huge miscalculation. The reality is that no one will ever be truly ready when the right time, right person, or right opportunity come along. It may also be the case that some opportunities are not what we thought we were looking for. Read more>>

LANETTE Kincaid | Author, Writing Coach and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Based on the nature of my business, I currently work in both groups or one-on-one settings with my clients. I would have to say the most important lesson that being a business owner has taught me is to be transparent with your clients and the people you work closely with. Allow them to see that you are human, you have feelings and you have obstacles, same as they do and maybe even more. As a lesson for me, I had to keep telling myself, don’t make your clients play a guessing game when it comes to your personal life that may interfere with your business. Read more>>

Nicole Sipos | Small Business Owner

Originally, my parents immigrated to the US from Slovakia about 30 years ago, moved down to the Florida Keys and opened up their own restaurant. I’m so lucky to have been able to watch my parents chase their dreams as immigrants while raising 3 kids, they’ve inspired me to start my own business and chase my own dreams. I was born and raised in Key West, Florida, It’s a really really small island where everyone knows about everyone, so my entire life I dreamt to explore the world for new adventures and opportunities. I met my boyfriend in high school and we decided to move to his hometown in Nashville, TN. That’s where I found my passion for one-of-a-kind vintage clothes and eventually where Dandy Babes was born. Read more>>

Annalies Boerendonk | Owner of Klein House LLC

I am the daughter of a small town mom and a first generation Dutch dad. They met when my dad came to Buena Vista, Colorado as an exchange student from Rockanje, Holland in 1985. It was his first time in America. I grew up hearing their high school sweetheart story and about all the hard work they had to put in to get married and be on their own- from date nights that are just going to get one order of fries because it is all they could afford, to both of them working whatever job they could get and building up relationships that got them to where they are today. Read more>>

Lauren Bridges | Influencer & Reseller

I grew up in the small town of Homerville, GA and always had dreams of moving far away and working in the fashion industry. My family was not wealthy at all, so at times I found myself reworking clothes, making skirts from pants, and making new outfits from what I had on hand. I have also cared about our planet since I was a kid, so I am glad my business plays a role in helping the environment. When you put those two things together- you get what I am doing today: selling new and used clothes online. I love my job! Read more>>

Jewel Bright | Artist/Illustrator

I have learned a lot of lessons in my art career, some of them pretty difficult. But I think the most important lesson was how important it is for us to share our unique voice with the world. With the over sharing social media world, we’re bombarded daily with everyone else’s experience, and sometimes we can conclude that our voice will just get drowned out, that other people have more worthy stories to share, etc. Read more>>