We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Jaclyn Azqueta | Owner – Bronzed Denver

Throughout the years I have learned that when taking risks, there will be times of success and there will be times of failure. Both are equally important. Don’t ride the highs too high, or the lows too low. Read more>>

Nik Scott | Personal Brand Coach

Owning a business has taught me many lessons. Most importantly however, my business has taught me that less is truly more. Oftentimes as entrepreneurs it feels like we are missing opportunities if we don’t have a vast product offering or try to attract every type of audience, when in fact the opposite is true. When you focus on a very specific niche more opportunities come your way. Read more>>

Lauren Boyd | Salon Owner

Patience. Developing your business does not happen over night. It takes time, attention to detail, and hustle. We often start with an idea and then we automatically think of our end result. The middle part is the hardest, but all that middle work that goes unsaid for is what gets us to the final part of our vision. You have to constantly remind yourself why you started and give yourself the patience to see it through. Read more>>

Starr Luu | Acupuncturist and Herbalist

One of the most important lessons that my business/career has taught me is PATIENCE. I know this is contradicting to the common Entrepreneur-Go-getter mentality. I became so eager to finish school and start practicing Chinese medicine, that I forgot to sit down and visualize where this medicine was heading for me. When I was in school, I had pictured opening up my little lemonade stand-clinic and I would have clients booking their appointments left and right. Yes, COVID-19 was lingering in the news; however, I was hoping that by May, it would be a simple meme that we’d laugh about. Then Jared Polis was my reminder of “patience.” He ordered a mandatory shut-down, after I had been opened for two weeks (in March 2020). Talk about great planning on my part huh? While on my work intermission, I was able to sit down and plan my next steps. In the beginning, I was trying to rush everything to get ready to open up in possibly “two weeks.” Read more>>