We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Jeanene Smith | Associate Director of Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance (COCA)

I’m an ovarian cancer survivor. A very lucky ovarian cancer survivor. I was diagnosed relatively early and my chances of surviving the deadliest gynecologic cancer for more than 5 years was 65%. I’m still here 23 years later. Since I am still standing, I feel it is my duty to give back. Raise awareness. Help others who have walked the frightening path of diagnosis, brutal surgery, and debilitating chemo. Read more>>

Lynn Otto | Handmade Card Maker

LDO Creates exists to help bring people together even if they can’t see each other. The mission is in our tagline: “Handmade Greeting Cards Connecting People.” It is so important to stay connected with friends and family, especially during hard times, our cards can help do that. Never forget how important your friends and family are. These people support you in hard times and share your joy in good times. Read more>>

Claire Pearson, ACE CPT, GFI, NLPP | Transformation & Health Coach

At Real Ass Women (R.A.W.) Fitness, we empower women to change the negative thought patterns, stories, fears and failures that hold them back from taking consistent action to lose weight and become their healthiest selves. The fitness industry is flawed, generally promoting the idea that a different meal plan or exercise series will produce a different outcome for the inconsistent-dieter. However, no meal or exercise plan works if you’re not doing it… Read more>>

Tania Barber | Life Coach/ Equus Coach

Anytime I work with people either as a mentor or through Equus Coaching I ask them to look at the nature within themselves with curiosity. When they come to me with “problems” it’s usually something that is coming up for that person to take a deeper look into themselves. I give people tools to look at their own thoughts and do their own work. With these tools they can go out into the world with a completely different energy of moving forward instead of being stuck. This energy starts a ripple effect of what you put out you receive. Read more>>

Tonica Johnson | Private College Counselor

I love this question because if I didn’t feel like I was helping my community, I couldn’t continue to do my work day after day. Feeling like I’m leaving a positive impact on the world is a core value of mine, and I hope that is obvious to those I serve! Our young people need adults that they can trust to guide them through the confusing parts of life, and what can be more confusing than figuring out the future? Read more>>

Forever Soul Live | Creative Collective

Social impact to our culture and community is the foundation of where our business was founded. We each started out as independent artists, respectively in our cities. Soul curated open mics and art shows all over NYC. Witty curated independent artists events and performance opportunities in New Orleans. From there, we then realized the need to have people of color event directors who can curate these same opportunities where it may be lacking. From there, Forever Soul Live was born. We believe in creating safe spaces in different places for businesses,people and energies to network, grow and prosper. Read more>>

Kelly Miller | Own and operate farmer’s markets

Real Farmers Markets helps communities profoundly by providing fresh, local vegetables, fruits and meats provided by family farms, orchards and ranches. We support small businesses who create homemade and small batch foods. The farmer’s markets are a place for the community to gather, buy fresh, nutrient dense foods while supporting the local economy. Read more>>

Micheala Sanders | Ancestral Therapeutics Alchemist

I believe my business, Nouri Energi, helps my communities by providing touch in pandemic times. If it wasn’t for the current social climate, I believe touch is innately important to every being and still would be the top gift of my work. I believe Nouri Energi is a catalyst for nourishing one’s self. I believe the fact that we use smoke medicine before and after each client; Read more>>

Jessica Shook | Sales & Marketing Director, Vino Salida Wine Cellars

I have long believed that working in the service industry is an opportunity to change the world for the better. Everyday interactions with gas station attendants, bartenders, law enforcement, etc., have the power to influence more than just your emotional state. Every job I’ve held in the service industry, I’ve used as a tool to try to improve people’s experiences. When I began employment at Vino Salida Wine Cellars, the community was already rallied around the product and my job became how to shape the service element of the business. Read more>>