We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Becca Wissman | Photographer & Failed Perfectionist

In the first few months of the pandemic I spent many sleepless nights laying wide awake. I wasn’t sick, but rather restless from a feeling of helplessness. I wondered how I could help alleviate the pain of others around me, so desperately wishing I had the skills to lift the burden of people like my best friend who is a nurse. But the reality was, without years of paper training I couldn’t assist in the medical field. I quite honestly felt pretty useless and depressed. Read more>>

Bob Lord | Black Rose Leadership Team

The Black Rose Acoustic Society is a non-profit music community founded in 1994 by local musicians Charlie Hall, Hope Greitzer, and Murry Stewart. Over the years, the Rose has evolved into an intimate music resource in service to the citizens of the Pikes Peak region. The Black Rose promotes music in all genres of traditional acoustic music. Examples are folk, bluegrass, Americana, Western, Gypsy swing, Celtic, and others played on traditional instruments. We meet for our concerts in the Black Forest Community Center just outside the Springs, a 1929 log structure with great acoustics and a warm, down-home vibe. Read more>>

Garrett Peck | Hot Sauce Manufacturer

PexPeppers teaches the world about chiles and their uses. From the very beginning this was basically my only true goal with this company. To teach people! Read more>>

Mike Reichert | Director of Community Partnerships, nature lover, and outdoor enthusiast

Since 1995, Wild Bear Nature Center has inspired lifelong connections to nature and community through creative exploration of the outdoors. Wild Bear Nature Center helps the local community in so many ways. Although Nederland is a small mountain community, our reach is wide. Read more>>

Chris Haas | Artist and Musician

Living in a small town, it’s easy to be known for what you do or have to offer and to be involved in the community. I often have opportunities to make personal connections with many different types of people through my work and I feel like I often end up connecting those people with each other as well, forming an even stronger sense of community. I regularly take part in local group art exhibits and occasionally even organize and produce events on my own, including performing in a local rock band. Read more>>