Social impact: how does your business help the community or the world?

We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Makenna Mackey | Professional Cat Photographer

The biggest goal for my business is to help cats. With my photography not only am I showcasing the beauty of cats, but I also try to end many stereotypes about them. I want to show the world that cats are not elusive creatures that hide all the time. To do this, I try to capture the curiosity of cats, their friendliness, and their sweetness. I show that they can go outside and walk on a leash, that they can be trained, and that they can sit still and not run away and hide. Read more>>

Sara Geller | Gallerist and Artist

SassaBird Fine Arts aims to impact the community by providing a warm, welcoming environment for folks to enjoy art appreciation, acquisition and take advantage of art education opportunities. We aim to have a non-profit aspect some day very soon who’s mission it is to provide free music and art lessons to adopted children. Read more>>

Jonathan Diazbarriga | Entrepreneur

Based off of Denver, Colorado, both my companies Azcany Brand and We Clean are pleased to announce the JDT Ventures Scholarship Fund. This collaboration project aims to help low-income and non-US citizen high school students pursue further education. This year, a single scholarship will be awarded, however, this is just the beginning; 5% of all sales made through Azcany Brand are to be allocated towards funding additional recipients of the JDT Ventures Scholarship Fund. Read more>>

Kathy Servian | Fine Art Photographer

On an intellectual level, exposure to art, particularly in difficult times, is widely believed to provide cognitive and emotional benefits to individuals and society as explained in the 2004 RAND Corporation study Gifts of the Muse: Reframing the debate about the Benefits of the Arts. Read more>>

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