We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Chris Michlewicz | Chief Public Relations Officer

Our automated container farms can be placed anywhere in the world, and one of our main goals is to get them into communities that lack access to nutritional food. They’re not only a reliable and sustainable source of food (leafy greens, peppers, small tomatoes, and culinary herbs) but they can be used as an educational tool to teach kids alternative ways of farming with little water. And because they’re in the community they serve, the container farms eliminate the costs of transporting goods (shipping, fuel, logistics), and the veggies don’t lose any of their shelf life or nutritional value in transit. They’re a game-changer for world hunger, especially on island nations, in urban areas and in places where the growing season is short or nonexistent. Read more>>

Given Johnson | Co-Founder/Operator

When we started Lost Range in 2018 we knew we wanted to create a line of CBD products that stood out in a heavily saturated market. We sought out to develop a line of products that were hand crafted in small batches, comprised of all natural ingredients and most importantly high potency Colorado derived CBD. Our mission early on was to help people with a clean, high potency CBD line. Read more>>

Anetta Odnoralova | Photographer

With social platforms being one of the main avenues for small business advertisement, I see my job as a photographer and film maker to be of extreme importance to the local and global community. A business can have incredible products however, without proper media content they may not reach their desired audience and may struggle to bring in clientele. This is where I come in! I see myself as a mediator between businesses and current and future clients. Through my lens, I have the honor and responsibility to accurately represent a business’ personality and offerings in a way that creates culture, connection, and community. Read more>>