The first step to starting a business is deciding to start a business. They say the first step is the hardest and in our experience this is especially true when it comes to starting a business. Getting over the mental roadblocks can be tough, often harder to overcome than the challenges you’ll face once you actually start the business. Fellow entrepreneurs share their thoughts below.

Christine Malmborg | Founder, Dragonfly Paddle Yoga

I have been a yoga instructor by profession since 2009. Prior to becoming a full-time yoga instructor, I earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and worked in various sales & marketing positions for tech companies for 10 years. In 2009, I became a certified yoga instructor and switched professions. While instructing yoga, I applied my in-depth business knowledge and experience towards managing yoga studios. Read more>>

Tadd Overstreet | Entrepreneur

I was at a reflection point in my career that allowed me to really explore what was truly important to me. It was clear to me that I needed to make a lifestyle change and focus on something that would enable me to follow a passion, utilize my experience and skill set in a new way and feed my desire to be part of community that would allow me to give back in multiple ways. Read more>>

Britni Massey | Owner

I’ve always wanted to have my own business. I’ve also loved desserts and sweets for as long as I can remember. At one point, I remember wanting something sweet to eat, but not being able to go physically out and get it myself. I thought to myself “delivery desserts” should be a thing. Fast forward 20+ years later, and I have come full circle in the dream I once had. Read more>>

Darin Valdez | Executive Director, Colorado Artists in Recovery

I have been in recovery from substance misuse for over seven years. In that time I have worked in the treatment field here in Colorado in some capacity. For six years I worked as a house manager and counselor in a local treatment center, Sobriety House, Inc. While I was there I noticed a specific group of people who really struggled to find a community outside of the treatment center. They were incredibly creative souls who would find peace while creating art, or playing music. Read more>>

Caty Winyard | Creator of The Wearable Wallet & The Mastermind Group/Women in Business Mastermind

In March 2018, I felt completely isolated. I had a brand new business – The Wearable Wallet – that was surpassing all my expectations… but I also had three kids under age 6, a husband who traveled every week for work, several health issues that had me at an infusion center three times a week, and no family nearby. Read more>>

Leticia Abajo Torrijos | Family Educator and Life Coach

As a parent and a Family Educator, I saw there was a gap in intergenerational communication, especially on those families whose parents are immigrants. There is a lack of understanding due to the circumstances related culture, language and other factors. The fact that the kids belong to a different culture than the parents, and still don’t necessarily fit in the culture where they live, creates a third culture that sometimes is hard to understand for the rest. Read more>>

Ashley Ludkowski | Interior Designer & Textile Designer

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. Before starting Selva Studio, I worked between NYC and Guatemala for 6 years with a company as their Creative Director. Once I knew it was time to leave that company, it was only a natural progression to start my own business if I wanted to keep working between different countries and with all the skills I had learned. Selva Studio is a niche company with a niche clientele, and I wouldn’t have found the role I now play anywhere else. Read more>>

Derek Mogensen | Photographer & Father

The thought process behind starting my own business came from my personal experiences. Before I came into photography I ran an Outdoor Recreation Program at Colorado Northwestern Community College. I took over a program that had previously owned and used a Sony Mavic 1.3MP camera that used 2MB floppy disc drive. Even though it was a hassle to carry all the floppy discs on backcountry adventures, and the quality was low, I naturally gravitated to capturing the students in action and the scenic views. Soon I was receiving praise for my images and there was a desire for the college to use them in their marketing material.  Read more>>

Natasha Austin | Mother, Entrepreneur and CEO

What made me start Diamond in the Ruff Ministries, I was living in an apartment building that was not suitable for any sober person let a lone a child to live in. The amount of criminal activity that went on there was enough to make you want to break down and cry. The terrible things that my children and I witnessed in that building was unspeakable and nowhere near suitable to raise a family. I came up with a safe way To get my children from the elevator to our front door , to them it was just a game but to me it was for their safety.  Read more>>

Ky Hamilton | Denver Real Estate Broker

Honestly, it was totally by accident. I never imagined Real Estate as a career let alone as my own business. My mentor invested in me and over time as I’ve gradually gained more business, built more relationships, learned to value my time and my families time have I truly started hold the business accountable. Read more>>

Alan & Kellie Ogle | Owner/Operator Mile High Karate

Both my husband and myself have always had the entrepreneur spirit. We worked 8-5 jobs from age 20 to about 6 years ago when we took over Westminster Mile High Karate. My husband was an independent consultant for a few years but his heart was just not into it. He was a programmer for smart homes. I have owned my own freelance Graphic Design business for 10 years but I have always done that on the side while working full time. Read more>>

Heather Seybold-Lanz | Photographer

I’ve worked for a lot of companies in different positions and I always knew I would be a business owner. For me, I liked the idea of forging my own path, how ever big I wanted it to be I can make it, and I loved the idea of taking charge of my own schedule and working with people that I liked and being my own boss. Read more>>

Evan Fitzpatrick | Filmmaker

I decided to start my own business when I realized I wanted to make films for a living. That discover came very early on in my childhood. When I got older and started to face decisions that would determine my future, I realized I had to start making a plan to reach this goal, of being a filmmaker. There are so many options but I realized I was truly happy working for myself and making my own choices. With that discovery I knew the path I wanted to follow would be the one I paved for myself. Read more>>