We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Rebecca P. Cohen | Founder, ShareMyJourney.org

ShareMyJourney.org is a community of caring people who share their life experiences in service to others, whether in 1:1 conversations, small groups online, or in journey-sharing events. There are times in life when you are going through something, whether with your career, your health, or a relationship, and you’d love to know how someone navigated a situation, but there is no one to talk to. ShareMyJourney.org makes those intentional connections happen in an easy way. We all have wisdom to share, but also need help. ShareMyJourney.org members lift up one another along our paths. Read more>>

Jeff Martinez | President of Brothers Redevelopment

Brothers Redevelopment is a housing nonprofit that provides a variety of housing and housing related services to low-income, elderly and disabled residents across Colorado. Here are some of the ways we serve our neighbors: Our Home Modification and Repair Program is the largest of its kind in Colorado, and helps low-income, disabled seniors stay in their homes, safely and with greater independence, by providing in-home modifications and repairs like the installation of wheelchair ramps, grab bars, accessible remodels, the installation of new water heaters and furnaces, and so much more. Read more>>

Mario Sanchez | Artist/Muralist

I have always thought murals can have a very big social impact on the community, as artwork brings color and vibrance to otherwise dreary lifeless walls. Us muralists can create a backdrop for things such as family photo ops, graduation pictures, or bring more customers into a local business. I have also been involved in a mural that was created to deter graffiti in a public space which allowed people to enjoy the area without distraction. Read more>>

Gabe Kane | Entrepreneur

Our goal is to positively impact people. Our customers. Our retailers. Our vendors. Our producers. We believe in hemp and use it as a tool to better enjoy our lives. Our approach factors that everyone needs to eat. We make sure everyone involved with our business gets a fair deal; especially consumers. We sell a traditionally luxury product at attainable prices. A portion of our proceeds are used to help local nonprofit businesses. We source as close to home as possible to help our local economy stay strong. Read more>>

Kirsten Hartz | Somatic & Trauma-Focused Ketamine Therapist

Who knew that one molecular compound could make such a difference? Much has been written about the positive neurobiological impact of ketamine on the brain, and it is impressive. You may have already come across the New York Times article that came out last November. (And yes, in case you’re wondering, I am talking about the popular party drug also called “Special K.”) Chemistry aside, and we’ll get into that momentarily, here’s what astounds me about working with ketamine in my Denver-based mental health private practice. I sit with clients who take sublingual ketamine to treat everything from depression and anxiety to OCD and eating disorders. Read more>>