A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Karen Fournier | Video Marketer

I find my inspiration in the people I get to work with in my career. For example, I have worked with a plethora of artists: painters, sculptors, cloth artists, glass blowers, metalsmiths, and even a yarn artist. Their creativity blows me away! It’s been an honor to watch as I film the brilliance of the process unfolding before me. It’s a combination of knowledge and skill borne of learning and experience. I am awed by the stunning beauty of what they envision and bring to life. It inspires me to create my own version of beauty as I represent the stories of others through the medium of film. As a video marketer, I get to learn from the many diverse clients I get to work with, from quilters to insurance agents to PTSD experts to holistic healers, nonprofits making an incredible impact in our community, and more. Each day fills me with wonder for their passion and expertise. My natural curiosity helps me to script their educational series or to conduct an interview, which are two ways to show the world who these people are and what each has to offer. I have interviewed over 600 people in my career, uncovering their trials, hope, perseverance, expertise, and passion for what they believe in. Read more>>

Lisa Shultz | Author

I am inspired by nature. I gain clarity in my mind after a walk outside, particularly in the mountains. When I step away from my computer, I ground and balance myself. I am then able to return to creating content for books or promotion refreshed. I am also inspired by artists of all kinds. When I see art in any form, I feel better about the world. Creative people help make the world a better place in which to live. Read more>>

Jason Kowalski | Artist

I am interested in objects from the past. Their story is often forgotten and their characteristics of being worn out, broken and old are commonly seen as unattractive. I value nostalgia and believe that every antique has a fascinating story. Preservation does not always equal restoration. To honor the stories of the past,​I paint places/objects as they exist in the world today. There is beauty in the undone, the abandon, and in the shadows of a greatness that once was. Read more>>

Caitlin Dunn | Metalsmith & Maker

The beauty of nature inspires me. I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Aspen, Colorado where I’ve been surrounded by mountains my entire life. I have stared at certain mountains countless numbers of times, in awe of their power and beauty. They inspire me to push myself to ski them, hike them, spend time alone within them and respect them. The mountains define our landscape and they define the people who live within them. My latest collection of jewelry features all things Aspen including these gorgeous mountains. If they inspire me, I know they inspire countless others and how unique to be able to wear the places that inspire you. Read more>>

Derek Johnson | Commercial Photographer

I find inspiration through music, movies, nature, and life experiences. I always enjoy flipping an idea or concept on its head to view things from a different perspective. If I’m planning to experiment with new lighting, prop styling, or know of an upcoming project for a client, I typically head to Pinterest or Behance for a broad search for inspiration which usually never disappoints. Read more>>

Kayla Dempsey | Photographer & Educator

The two things that inspire me the most are nature and traveling. The breathtaking views at the top of a Colorado mountain, the colors of the Oregon Coast, the sound of rain against the stone streets in Europe, or the warmth of the Arizona sun. These things make feel the most alive. I draw inspiration for my photography from the landscapes and colors of this earth. While nature is what makes my heart beat fastest, I truly believe you can draw inspiration from anything! From a poem, a cup of coffee, a beautiful home, or another person. I try to keep my eyes open to new forms inspiration every day. Read more>>

Willow Bradner | Accidental Psychic

I’m inspired by everyone who is reading this now. Our spirits, what’s best in each of us is what gets me up every day. Before realizing I was Psychic I was a hairstylist, and what lead me to the not so obvious shift from beauty to the inner beauty of psychic was that I don’t see people on their outside. Fashion and hair for me are ways that our inner spirit flares outward to be seen, or in many cases- not seen. I love hearing stories and getting to know people, understanding what motivates them and like this question, I too want to know what inspires them. As a psychic, I get to explore that inspiration deeply and intuitively with everyone of my clients. Read more>>

Errin Ruffer | Vinyl Clock Maker and Artist

I think the music itself inspires me the most. I’ve always been very into music and when I started collecting vinyl records 20 years ago there is just a different feeling you get when listening to records. I always put on some vinyl while I paint my clocks so I think just hearing the crackle and knowing that years ago someone else played the same record and experienced the same feelings I get is pretty cool. I see it a lot when selling my clocks at art shows when someone is looking at one of them and you can tell that they just have this connection with a certain album or even just seeing the album cover brings them back to a time in their life when things were good. I think each album has it’s own story and whether I’m listening to them or making them into clocks I try to embrace that feeling and appreciate the music. Read more>>