Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Lorena Espiga | Akashic Record Reader & Healer and Flower Essence Therapist

I have always been into spirituality and helping others but I never imagined being where I am today. The idea for my Akashic Record and Healing business really came about after I did a lot of internal soul searching and going deep with my own self love and acceptance. I had been opening my own Akashic Records for about 15 years and woke up one day and did my meditation and felt this message come through so clearly….”You need to learn to read the Akashic Records for others.” The moment I felt that message come through I knew it was my path, and I took action pretty quickly. Read more>>

Sydney Kuhne | Destination Elopement Planner

Being a destination elopement planner is the perfect combination of my 2 passions – travel and weddings. From an early age I have always loved traveling and knew that one day I wanted a job that took me around the world. As I got older and worked different jobs, I discovered my passion for wedding planning. After working over 8 years in the luxury wedding and event industry, I finally found my true passion – creating adventurous elopement experiences for wildly in love couples. Read more>>

Bryon Pike | High altitude seed grower

I was doing large growouts of produce for market and farm store sales. I would notice that commercial vegetable seed would do well in first year production, except there would be losses in my crops. This production would generally happen at 7000 to 8500 ft. in altitude in challenging conditions. I started growing out the seed i would use for the next season and quickly identified increased vigor, hardiness and most importantly better stands of crops with less time and field space spent producing barren spots in my fields. Read more>>

Jason San Souci, GISP | Drone Scientist

We learned about the lack of job training programs for transitioning autistic adults, all the statistics stacked against this population, and knew that we had to help. At the same time, the drone industry was showing exponential growth with a massive demand for workforce resources. Putting these worlds together just made sense, so we started to develop a best-in-class job training program designed for neurodiverse students. Read more>>

Jeff Bayer | The Colorado Whiskey Guy, Content Creator

In the Spring of this year, I decided I wanted to create or do something that was my own. My wife and I explored different options, but never fully settled on anything we liked. After listening to a Podcast on small business, it talked about the idea of Following your Passion. They said that if you are unsure on your passion, explore what interests you. That made me think of Whiskey. I was having fun exploring different whiskeys since May of 2020. I was really interested in whiskey, how it is made, and all the different varieties. Read more>>