Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Michaela Molvie & Meaka Ravithis | CO-Founders

We noticed a trend in companies planting trees to combat deforestation, but saw an equally important and under-addressed need for the removal of beetle-kill and deadfall in forests across the mountain West. From this idea came a vision: Become a leader in eco-friendly apparel and shift the conversation around forest health from planting to removal. Read more>>

Theresa Gardner | Co-Founder of Alyth Active & eCommerce Specialist

After meeting 3 years ago at a mom’s fitness group Alysha and Theresa became fast friends over their realness about Motherhood. With their expertises in pregnancy/postpartum therapy, fitness, eCommerce, and a passion to help other Moms find a community they felt they belonged too, Alyth Active was born. Activewear by Mamas for Mamas. Alyth creates thoughtfully designed, versatile activewear & athleisure clothing. All their products are designed to wear through all stages of our beautiful, ever-changing bodies. Read more>>

Jayson Gaddis | Founder, The Relationship School

I got tired of complaining that there’s no relationship class in high school or college, so I started a school who’s sole purpose is to help others connect more deeply, work through conflict better, and become better communicators Read more>>

LaRae Martinez | Owner pf 52Eightyent Marketing

Prior to starting my business, I worked in Healthcare specifically in Laboratory Science, I loved the science, processes, and creating procedures. I had many friends that were artists and would always come to me for help with contracts, organization, and structure. I did this as a hobby for a few years and then one day I saw an info session exploring business ownership and I went which was so odd as I had never even thought about owning my own business. The person facilitating the info session dropped a gem when he said “Choose your business based on what your community asks of you”. Read more>>

Nina Wilson | Psychotherapist & Plant Medicine Facilitator/Practitioner

Throughout my years in the human service field, I worked with several different populations that were at a high risk of incidents of trauma. When I paired this with healing my own trauma, I realized the most effective way to help people heal from trauma was to use a holistic, integrative approach. This solidified for myself even more once I opened up my mental health private practice. I simply did not feel like I was doing my clients justice with just psychotherapy as I knew that trauma took hold of all areas of person’s being. Read more>>