Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Chris Fisher | Adventure Dog Photographer

The idea of Adventure Pup Photography was something I never considered until a short time before “opening” doors. I have always been fascinated with photography and only recently purchased my own camera. I relied on my phone’s camera at first, but bought an actual one to improve the quality of my photos. I started out as a landscape photographer and eventually added my own dogs to the photos when I needed a foreground subject. When photographer friends gave feedback about how great they were, I decided to look into the dog photography market to see if there was anybody that focused on “adventure dog” photography (there was virtually nothing out there). So after doing a lot more research and practicing, I felt that I was in a good place to establish myself in the niche of adventure dog photography!. Read more>>

Becca Gahm | Professional Dog Trainer

I have always loved animals and grew up with plenty of pet dogs. This has given me not only a love for dogs but I feel like I truly understand dogs and their personalities. When I first got our own Australian Shepherd Cortez aka Tez, I was taking puppy classes with him. I absolutely loved the experience of training with my dog and decided to become certified as a dog trainer myself. I began working as a trainer at PETCO and as more and more customers came in I felt called to start my own business. My main desire behind Come When Called comes from my passion for keeping dogs in their ‘forever home.’ It is so important for owners to connect with their dogs and to feel empowered to train their dogs themselves so they can have a deep bond, that will allow the dogs to have love filled life with their humans and so their owners can enjoy their time with their well-trained pups. Read more>>

Allie Tyler | Voice Coach & Marketing Consultant

I’ve been a musician for over 25 years and a voice teacher for 12 years. The Whole Voice took 10 years to come to fruition and has had many forms! My initial business was (vaguely) named “Allie Tyler Music Studio” for many years and offered private voice lessons for kids and adults. But in 2018, I felt a significant shift in my life that inspired me to expand my services and mission beyond voice lessons. I started seeing the profound affects the human voice had particularly on adults who had been afraid of expressing themselves. Singing and using your voice is extremely vulnerable and can bring up limiting beliefs, fears, and past traumas. (I always say I’m 30% a singing coach and 70% a therapist!) The name “The Whole Voice” and its mission came about a year later — an all-inclusive business with services & products to help adults transcend their consciousness, courage, and creativity. The Whole Voice educates & inspires adults to listen to their inner voice (intuition) and express their outer voice through modalities of speaking, singing, and beyond. Read more>>

Madison Guy | Wedding Florist & Flower Farmer

I have always been obsessed with all things floral and plant related; I remember camping trips with my family as a little kid, and on every hike I would be picking wildflowers for our campsite. After high school I started working in flower shops, and realized that I loved designing but something was missing. 4 years go by and I meet my future husband, who helped me understand that only did I want to design florals, but I wanted to grow them too. We promptly got married and moved out here to Colorado, where we learned the ins and outs of farming for 3 years. We were in a place where it just made sense to start our own thing, offering Wedding Design, a Farm Stand, and a U-Pick Garden to the people of Chaffee County. And thus, Growing Wild was born!. Read more>>

Darla Colinet | Christian Author, Speaker, & Consultant on Love, Marriage, and Abuse

After overcoming thirty-years of abuse in three marriages that ended in divorces and by finding healing and the truth about Christ’s pure love design, I knew my mission. I knew I was not the only Christian woman looking for true love that found herself in unhealthy or abusive relationships. I created God’s Transforming Grace to help Christian women discover and eliminate the lies they believe about love by teaching them Christ’s love design, so they can thrive in happy, healthy, loving relationships and end the cycle of abuse. Read more>>

Tina Sorensen | Online Marketing Consultant

As an Account Manager at an SEO firm, I saw firsthand how confusing and intimidating the digital marketing world can be to business owners. I saw companies either just throw money at digital marketing, not really understanding what it was for, or feeling like there wasn’t anything worthwhile for them to do on a limited budget. I wanted to be the trusted consultant that they can ask questions, brainstorm, and implement successful campaigns. I also saw a huge gap in the service I saw for education when businesses need to make really smart decisions about their strategies moving forward. Many times the information that business owners did have was outdated or not relevant to their business. I love being able to put together a focused plan that coincides with how the business is wanting to grow. Read more>>

Monica Fitzpatrick | Educator, Yoga Teacher, Small Business Owner

Mooka is a kid’s movement, mindfulness, and mindset practice that helps children find personal awareness and resiliency. As a teacher in our schools, I was filled with overwhelmed and stress. I found yoga as a way to support myself and it allowed me to enter my classroom more calmly. Then one day I had a student share his anxiety and stress with me about a school assignment. I began incorporating mindfulness and breathing into my lessons, and that same student said to me, “Ms. Fitzpatrick, can we do that again?” I changed my focus from teaching reading to teaching kids breathing. Mooka is based largely on the science of yoga, mindfulness, and growth mindset practices. I designed a curriculum that is built for busy classrooms. When students are able to begin from a place of personal awareness, all other learning and change follows naturally. Read more>>

Maggie Hagemann | Educator and Founder of Pure Pahadis | A Mindfulness Center for Your Children

One day, a day that felt rather ordinary, I was meditating, and I had a shockingly clear vision of creating a space where children could come and be themselves. I instantly could see a whimsical community where stress, anxiety, and judgement would not be present… or rather they would be present, and they would melt away like a popsicle on a hot summer’s day. The message from that vision was profound, and I began to take action immediately. Perhaps some might think that big and heavy feelings, such as stress and anxiety, are only seen in adults, and unfortunately, this is not true. I have been an elementary educator for 10 years, and I know firsthand how cluttered and confusing children’s lives can be. By no fault of any one person, this is the reality our children are facing in this world today, and the majority of children are not receiving the social and emotional learning in school that they need to be confident, intentional, and mindful human beings. Read more>>