We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Jose Alvarez | Interpreter and Aikijutsu instructor

The twisted notion of the “mind can attract everything”. This is a very used cliché coming from the warped New Age movement. Many entrepreneurs do not really know the value of patience and diligent work. We live in the culture of instant gratification masked by a stupid positivity. Read more>>

Sheena McOuat | Founding Principal, CIVICA, Career and Collegiate Academy

I have been in education for 21 years. I have taught in the public schools and have seen that there is a lot of need for different options for parents and students. Instead of becoming frustrated with the system, I decided to do something about it and formed a very strong team and started the process of opening a charter school. The piece of conventional advice that I disagree with is, wait until everything in your life is situated before you try big things. I believe that I am called, I respond and then I am equipped and just go day by day and step by step. You will never be ready if you take that approach. Read more>>

Megan Sitzman | Mother & Founder of Country Glitz Boutique

My family! I have two beautiful children that inspire me to work my hardest and to keep going no matter the opstical that is placed in front of me. Their understanding of hard work and having a positive attitude keeps me striving for growth in my business. And they are only 5 and 7! They inspire me to grow my business with the simple basics of life that my husband and I have instilled in them. -Be thankful to God for every day, treat others how you would want to be treated, never give up, treat the world as your classroom and learn as much as you can, never let the outside noise bring you down, and most of all enjoy what you are doing! Simply be happy. I also want to be an inspiration to them. I want them to know that things are not always easy or fun. You have to work and keep your head up. There will always be mountains to climb but once you get to the top, it’s beautiful and rewarding! Read more>>

Sarah Lorenzen | Seamstress

I was inspired by the need to provide my children with the best shoes possible. Our shoes are great for foot development and actually stay on. The job originally allowed me to be a part time seamstress and full time mom. Read more>>

Sydney Keigley | Freelance Design

Having a career in the creative industry, it is easy to be overwhelmed or intimidated by other creatives. It is even easier to let these things become road blocks to your own success. Instead of letting these things get to me, I use them as a direct source of inspiration for my own work. I think to myself, why can’t I do that too? Why can’t I be successful? Or even more specifically, why can’t this be my niche, my aesthetic, etc.? It can. Just because someone did it first or someone is farther along than I may be, doesn’t mean I can’t do it too. Read more>>

Elaina Richards | Beauty in Time Photography

Throughout the different seasons of my own life, I have often found myself questioning my own self worth. When I started Beauty in Time Photography, one of my greatest aspirations was to empower my clients to love themselves in each and every season of life. My goal is to apply this concept to whomever finds themselves in front of my camera lens. From boudoir and birth photography, helping women embolden themselves; to couples, helping to show the world what makes them wonderful and unique, and everything in-between, I find joy and fulfillment when my clients not only love the pictures I take but are able to find more things to love about themselves in the process. Read more>>

Colin Murtagh | Photographer & Stay at Home Dad

Inspiration can come in many forms. Whether it is a person, nature, music, or creative work of art, I feel that inspiration can be found all around us. For me personally, I’m inspired by the world around me. If I’m ever in a creative rut, or need a reset, I will immerse myself in nature. I’ll go hiking or camping, and practice mindfulness when I’m in that setting. Usually that helps me remember my place in the world and inspires me in one way or another. Another source of inspiration for me is other people. I enjoy reading about others who have overcome significant challenges to achieve their dreams and goals in life. When you read about someone who has had a very difficult life and is still persevering, it definitely puts things in perspective and inspires me to push myself both personally and professionally. Read more>>

Jenn O’Neil | Food blogger

When I first moved to England in 2004, I read the Sunday London Times Magazine and there was an article from A.A. Gill, a restaurant critic. I really enjoyed his humor and wit in the article. I can’t remember the restaurant’s name he wrote about in London, but it did inspire me to check out the restaurant in Hyde Park. In 2017 while I was living in England again, my husband said I should start a food blog since I kept taking pictures of what we were eating. I finally started Hangry Asian Girl on Instagram that November. I originally planned on writing my page to a similar wit and humor like A.A. Gill, but decided I wanted to keep it pithy and focus on bringing awareness to local/small restaurants. Read more>>