We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Takipnik | A heavy synth rock band in Denver

We are inspired by other talented people that have put the back breaking work into what they do. The 10,000 hours. That other artist that is so good at what they do, that you almost can’t believe what you are hearing or seeing. Or that first record you received as a child that changed your life forever. Maybe they touched you emotionally or they were just super talented. There’s that moment you heard or saw something so compelling and moving that your immediate reaction was “I want to learn how to do that someday”! Read more>>

Chris Tomer | Meteorologist

I’m inspired by people who are very good at what they do. Masters in their respective fields. People who make it look easy. People who can boil-down technical information, teach it, and make it easy to understand. It shows dedication, perseverance, and an ongoing pursuit of excellence. Read more>>

Waduda Paradiso | Founder and CEO of New Earth Records, an independent music label

Children are my greatest teachers because if you observe them at play, you will see all of the secret ingredients for success: being present, driven by wonder and curiosity, being open to learning new things, playing together with friends, each one bringing his or her own talent to reach a common goal, sharing their discoveries, asking for help if needed, and not being afraid of setbacks. What we call setbacks are just stepping stones, and children use them to change their direction and to find creative solutions to reach their goal. Read more>>