One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Perri Fields | Portrait + Live Music Photographer

I’d say most of my photography, in some aspect, has been influenced by music. Ever since I was just a kid, music has played a big role in my life. I started associating certain albums or songs with a specific season of my life from an early age and being able to go back and listen to those albums and still remember how I felt is special to me. Around 10 years ago I was moving around the country a lot and there was a day when I sat in parking lot and it began to pour rain as I was listening to a song and I let myself be still in that moment. I had a very clear image in my head and I somehow needed it to be a concrete thing I could hold onto. Read more>>

kate lewis | Letterpress wedding and social stationery

The simply made – As a designer and maker, I choose to honor the simple methods and craftsmanship of working on my 125 year old printing press, and make paper goods for todays consumer. For me, the beauty and inspiration is in the simplicity of the craft; the focused intention behind every design and print decision I make in the studio. Read more>>

Grace Cheney (They/Them) | Mixed Media Artist & Future Art Therapist

Authentic connections and community are my primary inspirations. As an instinctual desire for interactions fuels much of the human experience, what does it mean to be in community? What does it look like to be in community with yourself? Once we are able to acknowledge our need for connection, we can begin to celebrate relationships. Artistic expression is an outlet of visual storytelling in which I can share stories of community. These stories are never strictly mine, as I encourage viewers to connect with them. Sharing artwork intertwines my experiences with others, inviting growth. Read more>>

Ash Dunn | Photographer

I am inspired by the world around me. The wind rustling through aspen trees. The stillness of the mountains. Cool air above timberline. Animals inspire me in ways of the soul. Horses kind eyes and willingness to trust. Playful dogs, blissfully happy around someone they love. Even the smallest animals brighten my life. People inspire me in the ways of moments and memories. When someone sees a photo of themselves that they absolutely love. Helping a person let their guard down and be their authentic self. The vulnerability in front of the lens. Read more>>

Zachary Salter | Adventure Photographer & Videographer

I am being constantly being inspired by the people I’ve surrounded myself with. They are always challenging my creativity and pushing me in ways I could never accomplish if I was alone in this journey, and I am truly grateful for all of them. I’m a big believer in how your environment can affect your creativity and your mental health. When you surround yourself with people who don’t have any ambitions, not working towards anything or just don’t want to enjoy life to the fullest, it takes an effect on you as well. My biggest tip is finding people with the same ambitions as you and just good people. You’ll be surprised how much it changes you for the better. Read more>>

Gwen Bonilla | Storyteller and Therapist

I am inspired by opportunities to connect. Whether it’s in my practice as a therapist, in my role as a clinic director, or as a storyteller, I am inspired, energized, and enlightened by moments of authentic connection with others. I developed Touching Stories, a multi-sensory storytelling program out of a desire to connect individually and authentically with people for whom intentional and playful connection is rare — people with moderate to severe intellectual and developmental disabilities. In Touching Stories, hand-over-hand sensory experiencing is paired with storytelling to help people engage in the play and the communal joy of stories. Read more>>