One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Bart Thurman | Functional Health Coach

I am inspired by breaking free of the things that we do not have to accept. Things that make us weak, unhappy, unfulfilled and cause us to lead a sub-par existence. I want to show up as my best self as much as possible which makes me a better father, husband, friend, co-worker, etc. There are a lot of experiences in life as we traverse through the years that we simply accept as “normal” because of what society and/or our background up to now has led us to believe. Read more>>

Zakk DeBono | Touring Musician and Songwriter/Artist

I am really inspired by the guitar and learning different types of music. My mom and dad got me an Epiphone SG guitar when I was like 5 and they always showed me different music and artists. They have always supported me being a musician and just loving music. I have always been a huge fan of just playing guitar and writing new songs all the time. I listened to alot of Ed Kowalczyk from the band ‘LIVE” with my mom when I was a kid and his music really inspired me to start writing music and playing guitar. Read more>>

Alejandro Rodriguez-Garcia | Chef/Co-Owner Dos Caras

I am a first generation native of Mexico. My family’s history lies in the central part of Mexico, Michoacan where the purhepecha reign since pre colonial times. Both of my parents immigrated here not knowing the language or culture but simply knowing how to work and wanting better lives for their family. Starting my business was inspired by all of these things. My mothers hospitality in inviting strangers into her home and feeding them inspired me to cook from the heart and make people feel welcomed and nurtured by my food. My heritage inspires me to discover more native ingredients from the Americas used in my food, and showcase the beautiful art coming from Michoacan. Read more>>