One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Ariel Detvay | Cosmetologist

I am inspired by helping people see their own beauty. A hair cut, style or color sounds like such a simple thing. But when you can feel your client relax as you begin working on them and then see the look of joy and or confidence come across their face when they see themselves once you are done… it’s really a great feeling. People need to feel comfortable and confident with themselves. Read more>>

David Drake | Artist

One of the biggest things that inspire me with my art and my paintings is simply emotions and ego that we all display through our daily lives. I do my best to convey that with my paintings. Read more>>

Tara Petersen | Executive Director & Life-Long Learner

I am inspired by people who are “all in” and “do for a few what they’d like to do for many.” People who don’t just say they are going to do something to address a problem they see, but actually shape their entire lives around addressing that problem in the ways they are uniquely equipped for. The Managing Trustees of my organization, John and Colleen Ordelheide, are these kind of people. More than a decade ago they encountered a group of vulnerable and orphaned children on another continent. They knew they couldn’t solve all the problems that created the circumstances those children were in, but they thought perhaps they could help these few. Read more>>

Kade Wooton | International Hunting Guide & Contract Auctioneer

I am inspired by, those who paved the way befor us. Such as entrepreneurs ,fore fathers, and those who would take no for an answer! If it wasn’t for the persistent and committed people , we wouldn’t have to opportunities today. I believe this day in age we have no excuse as young people , there is nothing to hold us back as we have the world at our fingertips! Read more>>