We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Sabrina Martinez | Zenful Sabrina Healing & Wellness

My clients inspire me everyday. Most of the them don’t even realize how brave they are to seek help from a complete stranger. To trust someone enough to open up. To understand that their life, emotions and/or energy is out of balance; that takes a lot of strength. It is every day people who choose to heal and ground instead of suppress and ignore. Read more>>

Sara Greer | Fiber Artist

Everything, nearly. Music, a theme from a movie, Bible scripture, colors, patterns and shapes I see in nature. Books. These things often together or on occasion just one, spark an idea and off I go. I start sketching or blending colors with my pencils before I pick up fiber or yarn. Sometimes the yarn itself is the inspiration. I see them lined up on the shelf or hanging on the rack and certain colors beg to be united in a piece. Read more>>

Elena Gunderson | Artist

Inspiration is everywhere and nowhere. You don’t even have to be looking for it. It can lie dormant, in echos of our memories, or it comes to us in prophetic waves. There is no key to unlocking inspiration, but there is no door to begin with. Maintaining an open mind and not overthinking is essential to the creative process. When asked where my inspiration comes from, I find it difficult to condense my reference pool into a matter of words. I often create my paintings to process experiences in my life. Occasionally I will see visions of an idea as flashes of burning imagery, and know exactly where I am headed. Other times I may have no idea what I am painting as I begin to lay down the groundwork of a new piece. Read more>>