We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Melody Ochterbeck | Photographer

Beauty. I believe what beauty looks like is different for each of us. I know for me, beauty comes in so many different forms. I see it in creation as I capture stunning (and sometimes hidden) landscapes with my camera. I see it as I photograph couples, who have such love in their eyes for each other. I see it in the laughter of a family as they try to “look natural”. I see it in the smile of the senior who has finally completed one journey and is about to start an exciting new one. I feel like I can find beauty in anything as long as I keep my eyes open for it I and that’s one of the things that keeps me inspired every day. Read more>>

Kyah Ku`uleilani Conrad | Singer/Songwriter & Mental Health Advocate

I’m inspired by two main things: God and my family. The beauty of this Earth that He has provided for us leaves me in awe every day. I was born on the island of Oahu, Hawai`i and then raised out in the countryside of Parker, Colorado so I have a deep appreciation for nature and my Creator. I also am very inspired by my family and how hard they have worked to provide for me. If it wasn’t for those two things, God and my family, I wouldn’t be the musician I am today. I am blessed to live the life I do and each day is a new inspiration. Read more>>

Erin O’Connell | Owner – Rhapsody

Oh boy, the list is long. I am truly inspired by creativity, by music, by love, by energy, by the sharing of people’s gifts, by my wife and family, by kindness, by assertiveness, by people who stand up for those who are less fortunate or marginalized, by laughter, by books, by traveling, by giving. The flow of ideas and creative energy are why I opened Rhapsody. I wanted to give people a place to share, sing, celebrate, discuss, laugh and grow. I want Rhapsody to be a place of kindness and openness, where people can be truly themselves and we can all work to make this world more exceptional. Read more>>

Paloma Jimenez | Artist

My current work is inspired by the small and overlooked moments of day to day life. Chewing gum in various colors stuck to the sidewalk, the vague outline of something in a pocket, the scattered remnants of a dinner party, a lost shoe, or even a broken lawn ornament. On a grander scheme, I think these little moments provide a material map of human behavior. I go on walks around the city and come back with a dozen new ideas for sculptures. Read more>>

Christopher Pany | Photographer & Musician

My goal is to convey how I saw something or how something made me feel. This, I suppose, is my underlying inspiration. Through the years I’ve come to the realization that the way we perceive and remember something is far more important and impactful than how it actually was. With that in mind, I take and edit photos based on how I saw and felt during that particular moment. The same goes for music; I often associate colors and moods with a particular song and then write with that color or emotion in mind. My inspiration is to capture a feeling that sometimes is lost in the reality of the moment or that we failed to see or appreciate. This remains the same when taking photos of natural landscapes, friends and family, and anything in between. Read more>>