We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Bryce Widom | Artist

The simple beauty of being. This morning’s snow clouds rounding over fresh-whitened foothills. The warm joy of waking with the woman I love. The delicate light of sun soft on my eyelids. The strong tides of blood through my body, the desire to sink my canines into the pulsing body of the day. Read more>>

Orly Eisbart | Orly Marcel Founder and Designer

I am inspired by mindfulness and do my best to surround myself and my family with positive role models to support us. My friends inspire me. My family inspires me. They say life is a practice. I try to lead my life with compassion, passion, and kindness inspired by those who lead with love. Read more>>

Amanda & Richard Kearney-Smith & Eveleigh | Co-owners and Consultants

AKS: Honestly, it’s easy to be inspired when working with nonprofit organizations. The reason Richard and I chose to consult primarily for nonprofit organizations is because we believe in our community leaders and the community services provided by nonprofits. Monthly we host two “Leader’s Circles” where executive directors from all over Colorado come together to learn, share. Read more>>