We asked rising stars from the community to open up to us about their end goal. We asked them where they want to be, professionally, by the end of their careers and have shared some of those responses below.

Kordell Langanke | videographer

i have always loved watching music videos and movies throughout my life, i currently make a-lot of music videos now and would love to continue to do that and move up in the industry and eventually do music videos for big named artists.My end goal is i would really love to do movies and be a director to end my career. Read more>>

Rick | Creative Director & Producer

The end goal I envision for Crack One Media, is for it to be one of the leading media companies around the world. I started this company with podcasting and blogging but my bigger goals are to venture into TV/movies where I plan to write a movie script to then be filmed at a Crack One Media studio. Of course with the world evolving as fast as it does these goals may change with what I think can be a bigger achievement into different types of media but that is something that I’ll leave to future me. Read more>>

The Sogs | Lee Hutchinson & Dylan McConnell – Band on the Run

On a local level, it’s about contributing to and enriching the landscape of the music scene that we’re a part of. We want to help build the community of musicians and artists around us, and we want to work to continuously be a cornerstone of that community ourselves. On a national level we see what other artists have done in their communities, and how they’ve worked to establish themselves and their entire scene, and we’re always looking to create a space like that here in Colorado. Read more>>