We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Catherine Flanagan | Photographer

I am a working single mother of three children, that fact alone creates the impact that I hope to have on my children. Having a strong work ethic is something I want to instill in my kids, knowing that nothing gets handed to you and that your goals will be achievable with the right amount of effort. I moved to America with nothing but dreams of what the movies portrayed, I got married with the white picket fence in mind, I became a mother believing my English nanny roots would make that job easy, none of those were a reality, but what was a reality is the fact that working hard has never left me without a place to live, without the being able to get through tough times emotionally and becoming a mother has taught me your work never stops, so you better love what you do. Read more>>

Lauren Gibbs | Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist

I am a parent!! I have three lovely little boys who are my whole world. I think one impact I want to share with my kiddos is following your dreams. Letting them figure out their passions and place in this world is and will always be hard, but hopefully they will be a little more courageous when it is their time to chase their dreams. Read more>>

Elizabeth Marberry | Owner & Director of Education

As the Owner & Director of Education for two small businesses and the mother of two young kids (4 & 7 years old), I firmly believe that our children are always watching and learning more from our ACTIONS than our words. I am proud of the fact that my kids get to see their mom chasing her dreams every single day. They are seeing first hand that it takes passion, resilience and a relentless determination to make a meaningful impact in business and in life. My hope is that by seeing me (their mama bear) brightened by my life’s work, they will in turn give themselves permission to follow their calling and be brave enough to design a life they love. Read more>>