We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Antoinette Lee Toscano, MBA | Executive Producer of WhitewaterTV on XOTV & Architect of the American Adventure Sports Club

My life is the story of great pain, suffering, tragedy, trauma, and resilience. Yet, somehow, with each experience that some might view as an adverse event, I managed to maintain happiness and even thrive. And at the center of my success is my deep connection to nature. bIncreasingly, outdoor recreation is becoming the pastime of six-figure income earners. Of course, every human has a right to nature. But we do not all have equal access to it. Read more>>

Momoko Wong | Mom|Wife|Daughter|Sisterfriend Designer

For the longest time I wanted my career to be center stage; for my work accomplishments to be my most inspiring attribute. But as I’ve grown, learned, lived, loved, been disappointed, and even heart sick, I’ve come to realize that I want my legacy to be that I was kind and always worked to be of service to others. Read more>>

Andrea Ridder | Founder + Lead Strategist

My purpose to to elevate humanity. I create spaces for people to light their own fire and elevate their power. I want my legacy to be that I was a warrior for peace and transformation on the planet. Read more>>

Samantha Silverman, LCSW | Owner/Clinical Director of Silver Linings Counseling

As a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and subsequent ear damage as a result, I am a survivor. NOT A VICTIM. In my work as a therapist, I notice that many of my clients identify as a victim of their trauma. Adopting a victim’s mentality not only hinders self -growth, but blockades future self-actualization. It is important for me to de-stigmatize that conception and provide psychoeducation on Post Traumatic Growth, which is the result of healing from one’s trauma. Read more>>

Satya Wimbish | Mom, Artist & Outdoor Enthusiast

One of my goals is to lead people to remembering who they are. Throughout life, we are often driven to fit into worldly constructs that oppose who we were meant to be all the while slowly and steadily burying pieces of our authentic selves, which results in a loss of quality of life. Personal struggles and challenges contribute to us settling even further in losing touch with who we are, what we love, our purpose and our passion. My life and work awakens hidden joy, stimulates self-rediscovery, reveals the best version of each of us to ourselves and those around us, thus spreading an abundance of love that resonates throughout the world. Read more>>

Judy Sabah | Self Leadership / Master Certified Coach / Professional Speaker / Author

To have people remember me for the kindness and love that I shared with them as we met either briefly or over a long period of time or anything in between.I choose to have them remember that it didn’t make any difference if they were tall or short, black or white or any other color, rich or poor or anything in between, old or young or anything in between, strong or weak, etc., I loved them. My vision as I celebrate the 64th anniversary of my sweet 16 birthday on May 13 and reset my life, is to share my wisdom with the world! If you’d like to have some of the wisdom that I’m sharing in the world, please reach out to Judy@Judy Sabah.com Read more>>