Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Caroline Adeux-Diamond | Owner & Wedding Planner

To better describe my success it is tempting to say it is actually due to a combination of life choices and experiences that were clearly meant to be after all! It all happens for a reason, right? But when choosing one it would have to be a sentence a former boss once said to me “do everything with kindness and grace”. Read more>>

Carla Ferreira | Principal and Director of Onsite Development, The Aurora Highlands

Being a father-daughter development team is the biggest factor behind our success. With my father’s track record of building beautiful communities, and with my fresh and creative perspective, we have become a force in this industry. Over the years, we have learned that success comes with creating neighborhoods that people can be proud. That is exactly what we are doing with The Aurora Highlands. Read more>>

Rodrigo Levél | visual artist

Since my first steps in art, I have always been very restless in my creative process. I was always open to experiments, tests, which made me feel alive and playing an important role as an artist in society. Read more>>

Jaia Shaw | Mindless Vitalitys Manager

The true commitment that there is in the band, from the very start there has been heart, blood, and soul poured into every performance, every song made, and every song recorded and it shows when they play live. The personal commitment I’ve personally seen from these guys has led me to believe that this music needs to be shared and loved by the masses. Read more>>

Serena Overson | Nonprofit founder

The most important factor behind my/ our success is, passion, compassion, and drive. Without my passion for compassion I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. I overall feel like the word success and or to to be successful is different in everyone’s Minds and missions. To me, success and to be successful is to know that I helped somebody in one way or another. To plant seeds in minds for them to grow, and share to others. A pay it forward method of kindness and knowledge. Read more>>

Luis Castro | Founder of Star Snaps Photography

Spontaneity. The fact of the matter is, my brand was built on the random moments in life others tend to miss. The main message of my brand is “Capturing beauty in the world through a lens others may fail to see.” This has a lot of meanings, but the most important being in relation to time. Time is so precious and never stops. So if I can take a picture of a moment in time that will inspire others, I think that’s the most beautiful thing. Read more>>

Nicole & Gerry Wienholt | Owners / Operators / Instructors

The most important factor behind our success is our passion and vision for this business of yoga. The transformative power of yoga is what drives us. Our incredibly talented staff and teachers are the key to creating the amazing culture and student experience that differentiates us from other wellness concepts. Read more>>

Angela Das | Lactation Counselor and New Parent Educator

Honestly? It’s me. Which, I guess makes sense as a solo-preneur! And I mean this with all appropriate humbleness, but I built my business on people working with me. A mom of three, a champion of women and babies, someone who will unabashedly sing you a made up rap song about milk supply all while really asking and caring how you are – and not just how feeding your baby is going. Read more>>

Jason Van Vleet | Producer, Director & Marketing Strategist

Branding is a metaphor for success in life. Define your purpose simply and repeat actions needed for a desired outcome consistently and frequently. Commitment and focus have been behind my most successful ventures. When I get convoluted, that is when I’ve experienced mediocre results or simply just failed. Read more>>