Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Christie Rich | Owner of The Bread Chic

Consistency! Most of my business is based on showing up to the Farmers Market every week. From the beginning, I have made it a point to be there every time. Being consistent has helped me build trust with my customers and has given me a steady presence at the markets. It sounds easy, but sometimes it is difficult, especially in Colorado when the weather gets bad. I have stood outside in the rain, wind, sleet, and even snow! My customers know that I will be there and my products will be fresh out of the oven for them to enjoy. Consistent presence plus consistent products equal success. Read more>>

Chef Bria | Chef & CEO Impacting Economical Change in The Culinary World.

In my opinion the most important factor behind the success of Bria’s Italian Fusion is consistency. Consistency it what drives the success for any business because it shows your clients/customers that you are dedicated, it helps the business owner be organized and build relationships, and it can help the business owner adapt and/or pivot when something does not work. Read more>>

Alison Stern | Owner/Designer

I think the most important factor behind the success of my business–20 years strong now–is that I’ve learned to follow my heart when designing and creating a piece. I’ve been tempted from time to time to jump on trends, but it’s never fulfilling for me. It never feels good the way a unique designs feels, when it comes from my heart. Read more>>

Samantha Markey | Visual Marketer & Coffee Enthusiest

Coffee. Can coffee be a factor in brand success? For me, yes, it has certainly kept me going on long days, gotten me out of bed, and provided that needed afternoon pick me on more often than anything else has. I have made more adult friendships through a coffee date than any other way I can think of. All that is true of course but really I am thinking more about attitude. Have you ever heard the story about the carrot, the egg, and the coffee bean? No? Well, the short version is that when introduced to boiling water, AKA life. The carrot goes in strong and comes out weak, the egg goes in weak and comes out strong but the bean goes in and it changes the water itself. Making the water fragrant, flavorful, and amazing. I first heard this when I was a teenager and it really made me think, not about coffee per se but if I was going to let the world affect me or if I was going to affect the world. I knew then I wanted to be like the bean. Read more>>

Liz Giorgi | CEO & Co-Founder of Soona

The question of what or who you attribute your success to can be a long and complicated answer for most people. But my answer is really easy. It’s my people. soona simply would not be what it is today without the tenacity and brilliance of every photographer, sidekick, marketer, or developer at our company. We’ve come as far as we have because we’ve assembled a diverse team in backgrounds and experiences. My co-founder, Hayley Anderson, and I want to ensure our team feels supported, inspired, and like we are all in this together. Because we are. When we hire someone, we are agreeing to enter a professional relationship. But like any relationship: our work relationships are about human beings finding connections. Read more>>

Morgan Huston | Co-Owner

Honesty. Honesty with oneself first. A few years after graduating from college, I finally realized that I had to follow the entrepreneurial path. I packed up my Brooklyn apartment, set aside my graduate degree in Human Rights, and went back to my Denver roots. I had to branch out into a different career and city to realize that mine was an entrepreneurial heart. I was raised by a risk-taking, business-minded mother and grew up in the landscape architecture and construction industry; the transition back to that world felt right. Honesty in my daily actions and decisions comes close second. As a retailer, our first responsibility is to treat our customers, co-workers, vendors, and neighbors with integrity. Small businesses like ours are all vying for the same consumer dollars, but what makes them successful is approaching that process with respect, honest communication, and appreciation. Honesty in my design and inventory choices. We work very hard to bring only the highest quality garden decor products to our customers, but these collections are also very curated: we buy everything with an eye on the product’s quality, its environmental impact, and its biophilic aesthetic or purpose. Read more>>