Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Andy Bee | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

I believe the most important factor behind my personal success, was education. Education has played a huge part in my life because you can learn so much from everyone and their experiences. I am always taking advantage of learning opportunities to help advance me in my career. I truly love my job and genuinely love learning everything about it and how to become even better at it. I am always asking questions wanting to know the reasons why? I believe when you fully understand the subject you can become a master at perfecting it. Trends are always changing and we as professionals need to stay updated and with the current beauty trends. The more you know , right? Education is the key to success! Read more>>

Jenny Shawhan | Performing Artist & Singer/Songwriter

When I made the decision to become a professional musician, I was all about taking as much work as I could get my hands on. Even though this strategy was great for survival, it also taught me where my limits were and just how important striking the right balance is. Read more>>

Christen Stephens | Wedding Musician (flute and cello)

I believe that the most important factor behind the success of my brand is in what I bring to the table as a unique person. Everything that I do for my music and my business grows from my unique personality, interests, and the things I love. On a very practical level, I systematize everything that’s not a personal interaction or creative work so that I can complete those tasks as efficiently as possible. That leaves me with as much time and energy as possible to make genuine connections with people and to continue to explore and create in my music. It’s my goal to go beyond what is familiar and bring something truly special and unique to the table. This kind of authenticity and creativity is inherently filled with risks and my first trials of a new idea are often messy. But the results are so worth it, and the thrill of each new success makes me so excited to start each new day. Read more>>

Lexi Zadak Schmidt | Nutrition & Wellness Coach

I truly believe in the philosophy behind my company. I’m passionate about what I do and I personally live the lifestyle that I want for my clients. I believe that the power of food, along with lifestyle change, can significantly improve someone’s quality of life. Whether you’re struggling with sleep and energy levels, depression and anxiety, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, health conditions, weight management or athletic performance concerns, food is your game changer. I also feel that another component of my success is the element of education. I want to make sure my clients feel in control of their own health. Therefore educating them on WHY we’re doing what we’re doing makes a big difference in compliance and consistency. If you have consistency, you will see results, therefore YOU will believe in the process and philosophy, too! Read more>>

Gretchen Pleshaw | Radio Personality, Tv Personality and Model

It is so very important to remember that no matter how hard or even at times it might seem impossible to achieve your hopes and dreams you absolutely Can make your wildest dreams a reality through Really hard work, determination and faith. Read more>>

JayLynn McDaniel | Model, Creator & Candle Maker

My background and my first love is modeling- I started my modeling career when I was 15 years old. Modeling started everything for me- opened the doors and paved the way for so many opportunities for me. I’ve been published in over 16 different countries. I launched my candle business November 2019- I guess you could describe me as a model who makes candles. Lol. I would say the most important factor behind the success of my brand CandlesbyJay is the care, thought and intention that I put into each and every single candle. Not only are my products infused with so much love and energy- they are made with only the purest, high quality most natural ingredients. I am a huge advocate on products being organic, environmentally friendly, sustainable and just healthier for our world and the people and animals that inhabit this world. Read more>>

Summer Asturi | Founder of Summer Productions a full service Production Agency

The absolute most important factor behind my ‘success’ or the success of my brand is relationships. Relationships are literally everything in life. With relationships come the people and without people my company would not survive. Read more>>