We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Stephanie Miller | Founder, The Scenic Suitcase

I think the two most important things behind any success are being open to new opportunities (often disguised as extra work) and who you surround yourself with. In my business, being open has come in the form of educational and growth opportunities that have catapulted my success. Applying for a coveted spot on a blogging retreat in Bali with one of the most successful travel bloggers in the industry – Kiersten Rich aka The Blonde Abroad. There, I learned the ins and outs of running my own travel brand and the skills to make it a success. That soon led to the opportunity to attend her photography retreat in South Africa where I sharpened my skills behind the lens. Read more>>

Arianne Autaubo | Colorado Family & Wedding

For me, it’s connection. Connection to my clients, connection to their story and connection to the art of what I am creating for them. Some people choose to become photographers because they enjoy the technical aspect of cameras & photography. I chose to become a photographer because I truly enjoy people. Whether it be an expecting mom, a big fancy wedding, a newborns’ first few days, a quiet elopement or a high school senior’s grad photos… it’s my core belief that, connecting to my clients on a personal & individual level is the number one factor of my success. Read more>>

Behnaz Ahmadian | Artist

Joining a community and surrounding myself with other passionate artists has been one of many important factors behind my success, which has benefited me and expanded my creative network. Making art can be lonely and as many artists describe themselves as introverts, we may have a hard time meeting other people. Therefore, getting involved in a community of artist has helped me make new friends while getting inspirations and encouragement from them. Talking with other creatives has helped me learn new techniques, collaborate for new venues and learn business skills. Read more>>

Yvonne Schwartz | Yoga Instructor/Studio Owner

I think the most important factor behind the success of my brands is my ability to adapt and collaborate to bring yoga to people in new ways while still providing the foundations of the practice and connections to community. In 2011 I started by taking over Yoga Off Broadway from an owner that had moved to another part of the country. I jumped in and created some significant changes while keeping the sense of community and connection that it really deserved. In 2017, I saw a need to create a different kind offering for yoga. I have a degree in music therapy and felt there was a strong need to bring together the healing properties of music and yoga. I felt that there as a need in my community for a yoga class that provided a more masculine experience and had a larger social component. I met Kirby K (local house DJ) and Yoga+Beats was born. Read more>>

Kiki Pierce | Co-Owner/Co-Founder | FAB Method Contemporary Pilates

I feel the most important factor behind my success and the success of the brand is practicing what I preach. As a co-owner and instructor, I’m in the studio virtually every day teaching or practicing routines. In the competitive fitness industry, credibility is established when an owner or owners are passionate and actively engaged on a daily basis in delivering a body-changing FAB workout. Read more>>