We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Devyn Love Jenae | Artist, Healer, Yoga Instructor

– [ ] I want to begin my response to this question by making a quick note about mental health. I want to remind everyone that we all experience depression at times , we all experience moments of weakness and no matter how down you may feel – there’s always a helping hand available. So please reach out. I myself struggle with depression and anxiety. I have my whole life. I can be pretty cynical too, I struggle a lot to “be happy”. Some days are really difficult to get through! And this idea that anyone is or should be happy all the time is not realistic !  Read more>>

Jamie Fenn | Filmmaker/photographer

What makes me happy is being able to create content I love to inspire others to do the same. Read more>>

Richard Murphy | Executive Director & Plant Man

Plants make me HAPPY!!! Plants are some of my very first memories, my mother’s spider plant to be exact. I think it stuck out because although I was only 3 and the plant hung from above, all the little spiderettes still somehow made their way down to my level. Some kids had imaginary friends; I had plants. Read more>>