Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Sandy Golias | Board-Certified Music Therapist

I am passionate about the senior population; specifically those senior adults living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Before the pandemic, I was a hospice music therapist, helping individuals and their families navigate the end of life. After losing my job due to the inability to service senior adults living in nursing and assisted living homes, I decided to create a business that brings group music therapy sessions to the senior population. The loneliness and isolation these individuals and their families have experienced the past 2 years has been monumental. Mountain Music Therapy Services was created to bring joy and quality of life to the elderly. Read more>>

Angel Lowery | Owner of A&R Detailing LLC

I’ve always had a thing for cleaning my cars at home because the public vacuums and car washes never work well so one day I decided I should start my own auto detailing business to provide exceptional car care and customer service! I own an Audi and love cleaning it up for Kearney Cruise Shows and I knew going into this I could find more car loving folks. Starting up I wanted my customers to see how much effort I put into their vehicles and how I treat each one like it’s my own. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and making my idea come to life was the best decision! Read more>>

Rubba Ahram | Founder & Designer, Delish Treat Box

For years I had been in a funk. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted, what I liked, what I enjoyed. I dreaded being asked what my hobbies were because I sort of didn’t have any; this was not like me at all! I’m originally from Miami, FL and while living there I owned a women’s clothing line; I had fashion shows, did photoshoots, and had my clothes in couture boutiques. I moved to New York City in 2009 and basically froze creatively which is the opposite to what happens to people who want to expand their vision. Read more>>

Cameron Ayers | Hot Sauce Flavor Creator

I have always wanted to have my own business and for the longest time I thought that would be in the form of a restaurant or food truck. I have always worked in restaurants and my first job was at Village Inn back in high school in 2007! Since then, I have had just about every position in a restaurant, mostly in the kitchen. Back then I was always thinking of different concepts and ideas for something of my own. Coming up with crazy ideas for a restaurant with my friends and making plans for the next big thing “that can’t possibly fail” at the bar after work was what we did. Read more>>

Jess Feinerman | Event Producer

I was at a crossroad in my career where my current employer was relocating out of town and I had to decide if I was going to move with the organization or leave and do something different. I didn’t know what I wanted/would do if I stayed so I decided to start my own event planning company. I knew that I was really good at what I did, so I thought I had nothing to lose if I started my own company. Read more>>

Annette Rogers | Photographer

When I started my business, I knew that I needed something flexible. I have a family and needed something I could do to fit around all of the crazy schedules in my house. I also wanted to do something creative and that I was passionate about. I’ve always loved photography and knew it would be the perfect business venture. Read more>>

Gabe Luttrell Mike Hong | Orthodontist & Pediatric Dentist

We wanted to create a dental practice and environment where families would feel like family, a place where our community and patients could truly trust that the people providing dental care would always think with their best interests in mind. We focus on optimizing our surroundings, meaning that everything and everyone around us would benefit from servant minded leadership. Union is designed to give your family a seamless and synergistic dental experience. Offering orthodontics for children, teens, and adults, private treatment rooms, visual and sensory accommodations, sedation, and sleep dentistry, each visit is tailored to our patient’s specific needs. We created Union with the singular goal of providing kind and compassionate care. Read more>>

Andrea Person | Co-Founder & Board Chair

Sexual violence creates a loss of equity, power, and control. Research about how trauma impacts the brain is starting to discover that body-focused treatments are incredibly effective at helping people heal from trauma. Self defense training has the opportunity to allow survivors of sexual violence to process and resolve some of the physical impulses triggered by trauma. Read more>>

Jack O’Connell | Co-Founder/Director of Operations

In all honesty, it was my partner Chris’ idea at first. I was on the road to becoming a veterinarian and worked with him for a few years. I decided to fall back into IT as I didn’t really love the idea of 4 more years of school (I had 2 degrees already). Funny enough I said no at first, and after some coaxing decided hey, I’m 28 years old so why not. I quit my job in October of 2019 and went full time here to design the place and run it full time as the owner and Director of Operations. I will say, the second that I started in this industry I know there is nothing else I want to do for the rest of my life, besides retire and golf maybe! Read more>>

Nikki Hudon | Forest School Teacher

I am a teacher by trade and have always been inspired by the Forest schools they have in Europe. The inspiration to start JuneBugs came to me when I was doing part-time babysitting for some families around Wash Park over the summer. I would take the kids to the park, but we never quite made it to the playground because the kids were engrossed in playing in nature. Read more>>

Jack Colorado | Social Media Marketing

My thought process behind starting CO Springs Eats was originally to just have an instagram page to share food in Colorado Springs with my close friends. However, over time it gained followers and then COVID-19 hit. I saw how many restaurants were struggling all over the country. I knew with my large following and my influence from being a member of Colorado College located in the heart of Colorado Springs that I could make a difference. Read more>>

Marya Johnston | owner, Out West Books

I had been in the book business for many years before returning to western Colorado after living overseas. My immediate inclination was to go to the bookstore to see what type of local history and outdoors books they had in stock. Grand Junction only had a big box bookstore with limited selection in those areas. I thought I could do a better job at this than they do, so I did. Read more>>

Marco Cisneros | Photographer

After working in the same industry for almost 8 years I realized I wasn’t enjoying my time and days I found myself constantly stressed and unhappy so I decided to pursue my photography passion full time Read more>>

Mark Fairchild | Owner and Arborist

Starting my own business has always been an ambition of mine. It was not ever really a choice in my mind, but more of a calling to be able to create a job that can help others and does not feel like work. I have had a lot of jobs in my life where going to work felt exactly like that, work. I always felt like there were options in the world to create something that was mine and that could offer beneficial services to the public. Read more>>

Adam Matricardi | Founder/SoulfulHerbals.

The business started because I started buying kratom for someone in my family. After discovering the pricing and quality was very inconsistent, I began importing for myself and friends. Soon, as interest grew, we started a website. At the beginning of quarantine, I focused solely on developing the Soulful Herbals brand by giving away products to people in need. We gained traction when a video I created gained over 500k views on Tiktok. Read more>>

Ian Jimeno | Podcast Host and Real Estate Agent

My wife and I were born and raised in San Diego, California. We’ve had mutual friends and family members grow up and start their own businesses, all with their own personal struggles along the way. One of them, Diego Rojano, founder of Lucha Libre, had major success and opened more than 3 storefronts in various places all over San Diego. Another friend, Rodney Marquez, started a YouTube channel educating the masses on fishing, from lures to rods to locations to find legal halibut and lobster. Read more>>

Ashley Coffey | NEXUS Owner & Program Director

As an athlete and professional dancer, I have seen a lot of injuries. Some from age, some from bad coaching, and some from lack of awareness when it comes to fitness education & technique. Add that with my love for teaching, and passion for community, you get NEXUS. My partner Marielle Hendry (NEXUS Co-Owner & Head Coach) and I saw a problem in the fitness world and took on being a part of the solution. We wanted to contribute to a better more inclusive fitness community here in Colorado Springs. Read more>>

Ian Glass | Director & Director of Photography

Follow your passion Read more>>

Rohini Grace | Owner Goddess Travels

The thought process behind starting Goddess Travels was to provide women, and couples, an opportunity to immerse themselves in the breadth of beauty and diversity that is India. To dive into a rich culture safely and securely, full of hidden temples, silent ashrams, and sacred mountains. To savor the spices and revel in the flower markets, dip toes in the holy waters of the Ganges, and explore the iconic grand palaces and forts. I wanted to create a life changing experience with likeminded travel partners and help people turn their travel dreams into reality. Read more>>

Dante ThatGuy | Artist

Only thought was having something that was mine. Something that could live on even after me, Koolr Standards will live forever. Read more>>

Larrolyn “Larri” Patterson Parms-Ford | Music Educator | Mariola Craftings Founder | Assistant | Secretary | Performer

When I first started crafting it was just to send Christmas gifts to my friends and family. I didn’t work for the beginning of the pandemic and needed all of my funds to go to my housing at the moment. My roommate had some yarn though as she had just picked up crocheting, so I went to Michael’s and picked up a knitting wheel and started making hats. I think I sent out about 15 hats and 30 or so Kandi (beaded bracelets). A lot of my family members sent messages to me saying how great the beanies were and that I should consider creating a store. Read more>> 

Florian De Castro | Entrepreneur / Mentor – Coach

All of my business ventures do have a central theme, the establishment of a business that would last for several generations and would become part of a family legacy that I intend to leave behind for future generations. If you ever saw the movie Crazy Rich Asians, one of the tenets of that movie, generational wealth is basically what I am talking about. I’m an immigrant who came from the Philippines, single mother household that struggled financially while I was young. Read more>>