We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Yoshi Aono | Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Adventurer and Guitarist

I’m generally a happy person. Sure, things can be difficult and life presents obstacles that are challenging. Though, I’ve learned how to maintain a sense of gratitude for the things that matter most to me. Read more>>

Kyle Krupansky | Crossfit Coach & Owner

I’ve spent a lot of years trying to answer this question for myself and just recently I’ve come to the realization that happiness comes from being able to truly be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks. Read more>>

Frank Dominguez | Champion Pitmaster

first and foremost my wife and kids. they are the driving force behind everything i do. 2nd i would say our customers, i love talking to our customers and giving them information and knowledge to be better grillers and bbqer’s. Read more>>

Ken Phillips | visual artist, writer, church musician, minister, teacher

Throughout my life I have been fortunate to work and live in creative roles and environments, predominantly in the areas of visual art, writing, teaching and ministry. Read more>>

Leslie Van Stelten | Photographer & Fine Art Painter

“You are what you do, not what you say you do.”  –  Carl Jung What makes me happy is being an artist. It’s not the identifying as an artist, but the actual creating that gives me joy. Read more>>