We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Ginny Hollinger | Artist

Well obviously art makes me pretty happy, but what really gets me going are the intricate details of the world around me. The delicate labyrinth of veins on a leaf, the way water droplets turn to tiny diamonds in the sunlight, the sound of aspen trees in the wind. These things bring me happiness because they simply just exist, and that feat alone is miraculous to me. Read more>>

Damon La Scala | Artist

Going into the unknown makes me happy. Another day that can be different if I changed the reality of it. A change of mindset, creates a new inspiration with each piece of art. It’s addicting and I learn and evolve with each piece. Read more>>

Dr. Shineth Cunanan- Gonzales | Mother, Teacher, School Leader & Community Servant

LOVE & FAMILY! In my life, I’ve realized that the simplest of things are the source of my happiness. I personally don’t long for unnecessary wants or excessive things. It is enough for me to be genuine towards the people I love and interact with; to be healthy amidst the ongoing pandemic and; of course, the feeling of being loved is a source of happiness I will always cherish. Read more>>