We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Rachel Askelson | healing guide

There are so many people and things that make me happy. And I could make such a long list of everyone and everything included in that happiness! But I believe happiness is truly a byproduct of a way of being. And although people and experiences bring me so many moments of happiness, my true happiness is within. Within my heart and thought processes, happiness is an ongoing state of existence that I work toward. The more aligned my internal self is, the more joy I feel from the external sources, of my loved ones. Read more>>

Jennifer Roe | Red Hat Qigong Master Practitioner, Akashic Record Reader, and Spiritual Guide

What makes me happy? Well…I have to honestly say, life! I am an eternal optimist and tend to find joy in many things. I have discovered that true happiness comes from within. As I go further and further down this path I realize that true joy for me comes from the little things whether that is the beauty I am absorbing on a hike to the epiphany I have during a meditation. It is laughter shared with friends; it is a song that makes me dance; it is the discovery of something I never knew before; it is a smile on my son’s face; of the feeling of a job well done. We live in an incredible universe and there is magic all around us as well as in us. When I do sessions and open into that magic, powerful things happen. It has been through this journey as an energy healer that I have realized just how amazing things really are. Read more>>

Felice Freiwald | Massage Therapist/Business Owner

Life makes me happy. I spent many years in a dark hole of alcoholism, trauma, and illness. The climb out was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, healing is difficult and painful. Every morning when my feet hit the ground I look out the window, smile, and say thank you for the second chance. I’ve been able to create a life that feeds my soul. I have the best job in the world! I get to make people feel better and help them get back to life. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen over the years that come in with such a defeated outlook because they have been in pain for so long. They can’t do the things they love and they don’t remember what’s it’s like to be pain free. I get so excited to show them they can heal their incredibly powerful body just as I did. Being outdoors in nature and moving my body has been the key to 8 years of sobriety so I know how important it is to get people moving for physical and metal wellness.. Seeing my clients come in after a few months of treatment and they were able to go on a hike or run a makes me smile brightly. Read more>>

Stacy Fahrion | composer, pianist, and educator

Challenging myself to learn and expand my limits. I read that learning music is the art of turning the seemingly impossible into the familiar, and believe that’s the best way of explaining why I love practicing music. I lose track of time when I’m immersed in composing or messing around at the piano. I love studying music theory and analyzing music, whether it’s tango music, Messiaen’s non-retrogradable rhythms, Prokoviev’s use of a particular augmented sixth chord in modulations, Radiohead’s chord progressions and neo-Riemannian theory, Carnatic rhythms, polyrhythms, or most recently, microtonality. Like many others, I’ve revived my interest in chess during the pandemic, so when I’m not nerding out about music or composing, I’m doing chess puzzles and playing on chess.com. As an educator, moments when I realize I’m having an impact bring me the most fulfillment. I love to see my students creating their own music. I’m always ecstatic when a student has a breakthrough, and I love sharing the joy and healing power of creating music with my students and anyone willing to listen. Read more>>

Marsha Savin | Glassmat owner and lover of life all it has to offer

I live in gratitude. Soo many things make me happy. My happiness is how I am as a human being, how I treat those around me and those I pass along the way of life. Choices – knowing I did the right thing, knowing I helped someone, Staying kind and understanding. Also, I look inward and the more I know myself and take responsibility for own happiness the happier I seem. I love movement and sports, cooking, reading, music, dirt bikes, and playing in general. Read more>>

Jess Taing | Yoga Instructor & Racial Justice Activist

Quality time with people who hear me, see me, and hold space for me makes me incredibly happy. I find that when I am in the presence of a friend who has my best interest at heart, does not offer unsolicited advice, and shares similar interests, I feel wildly empowered. When I feel empowered and energized after a conversation with a good friend, I know that I’m in safe hands to express myself confidently in the future. I believe that having a solid and dependable support system is one of the keys to a sustainably happy life. A support system can be your family members or your chosen family. For me, my support system is a combination of both; my sister and brother are magnanimously influential in my life, while my closest friends show up when we need each other the most. Read more>>

Whitney Wood | Designer and Woodworker

I love the problem-solving process of designing a new piece. The magic for me is in the balancing act between material limitations, functionality, and form. In contrast, I’m discovering that production is a challenge for me because I hate to be pulled away from creating new designs! I’m hoping to move towards more “one-of-a-kind” pieces in the future so that I can keep doing what I love. Outside of working, I love to spend time outdoors with my family! Camping, hiking, skiing, biking… I feel so lucky to live in the mountains surrounded by beauty. Having grown up in Kansas, I never take a day here for granted. Read more>>

Tenia Nelson | Music Teacher and Educator

Playing music, teaching music, creating art and being around my family and friends. These things bring me to my “Happy Place”. They also are where I see the most growth in my life. Read more>>

Tia Totura | Physical Therapist

So many things. Family and friends, my dog, the ocean, hiking, traveling and dancing to name a few. Because they all make me feel grateful and put things back into perspective. Read more>>