We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Maribel Arredondo | Mexican Artist , Mom of 3,Dentist &Yoga Instructor,

Lots of things make me happy, Where can I begin? I am feeling happy on sunny days because I came from Monterrey Mexico, It is a hot place, it’s my natural environment, popsicles make me happy, travel, know new people, learn something new and share it, parties and pinatas, hug my kids. meditation and yoga. I really enjoy life, and I hope to live much more years healthy and positive to get more experiences. To the infinity and beyond. Read more>>

Jackson Watkins | Microbiologist and Musician

Making or creating things that feel like they are meaningful to us is really important, and what makes me happy. Like, we spent a lot of time being more intentional with our latest album, with things like song structure and rhythm. That made me really happy with the album. Also playing shows live, of course, is always a blast. I don’t think there’s anything more validating than that. Read more>>

Joanna Kosmider | Photography

Photography! I have the chance to follow my love and capture beauty of life all around. Read more>>