Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Michael McDonald | Music Producer

I thoroughly enjoy sharing and performing my music with the world. It’s really cool to see the way my music impacts them and makes them feel. It helps me to share my story as well and is super therapeutic when going through rough patches in life. Read more>>

Sarahndipity Johnsen | Producer, Director, Actor, & Author

My happiness stems from co-creating with others. When we can collaborate on a common goal, and work together cohesively, it brings about such enormous joy. I find happiness by appreciating nature, animals, friends, my family, and through artistic exploration. Dancing and expressing “the attitude of gratitude” is a sure way to bring about my ecstatic mood. Then, I try to share my smiley face with those I encounter throughout my day. It is amazing how this simple act of kindness can radiate appreciation. Read more>>

Julia Schmidt | Library Specialist & Bookstagrammer

In short, books! More importantly though, stories and the people those narratives belong to. I love books for the stories they tell, the perspectives they bring, and the opportunities for growth that they provide. There are so many lives I wish I could live, and books provide the opportunity to briefly transport myself into someone else’s shoes. Especially living in our current national and global climate, books are gateways to understanding, often written with greater care and intention than many quick social media posts. There are many reads that I pick up and don’t agree with everything in them, but I read them to understand, build empathy, and hear the story behind how people arrive at the crossroads they’re currently facing. I love hearing their journeys and I can appreciate their stories no matter what. Read more>>