“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Joel & Orly Ripmaster | Owners, Colorado Landmark, Realtors

Joel Ripmaster and Orly Ripmaster are a father / daughter duo entrepreneur team. Starting in 1977, before I (Orly) was even born, my dad (Joel) founded Colorado Landmark, Realtors, Boulder’s leading luxury boutique brokerage and has led the brokerage for 45 years independently until recently, when I came home! After a career as a top executive in Private Equity, coming home to work with my dad was an incredible opportunity to honor both family and community (being a Boulder native myself I wanted to raise my family (my dad’s grandson’s in Boulder) and embrace local, small business after a corporate career. Read more>>

Jennifer Lopez | Baker of Dog Treats

Compassion and authenticity are what my business is built on.

I wanted my company to be different than other dog companies. My compassion and belief that all animals are sentient beings is the reason I decided to produce vegan dog treats. I am sure a few people were scared away but that’s okay. I have a growing following of pet parents that are happy with my dog treats and what my business is all about. I learned that being my authentic self, loving myself, is the only way to be and it can rub off on others! Read More>>

Scott Sueper | Professional Hairdresser & Salon Owner

To be honest, it took me awhile to understand what upholding a “value” really meant, much less see how it can become a way of life. Sure, I came equipped with the golden rule as a kid like anyone else, but I really learned some hard lessons as an adult surrounding integrity, so that value became the core of how I operate in the world. From having bosses with poor leadership or dealing with chains of mismanagement, I quickly recognized that honesty was something pretty hard to come by in the workplace. Read more>>

Peg Connery-Boyd | Sharing the Light through Artwork

Not to get too heavy here, but the most important value to me is keeping the spirituality and soul in my artwork. I started this art journey after a serious illness over 20 years ago and art was something I did to rekindle my spirit and heal. I began taking art classes and got really hooked and it has been such a blessing to have art in my life on so many levels. Now that I am actually working at the business side of art, marketing and selling my work, I still try to keep the sense of joy and light in the forefront. That is my goal, to share this light with others. Read more>>