“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Jessie Krebs | Wilderness Survival Instructor with a focus on teaching women

I really value integrity. It consolidates a lot of concepts into one simple word. I liken it to “olden” days when (so I’ve been told) a person’s word meant something and it feels like a guiding hand if ever I am not sure what to do. I still fall short sometimes or end up in situations that feel negative, but even then I can say with honesty that I’ve done my best and that feels good and gives me strength to keep moving forward. To me integrity contains within it honesty, authenticity, an implication that one will do their best, and that they will try to right any wrongs they have committed. That one will treat others with respect regardless of how they are being treated. At the same time it isn’t shy, flinching, or weak. I think “Mr. Miyagi” from “The Karate Kid”. Standing with dignity and pride with a touch of humility. I find it a worthy goal to strive for. Read more>>

Mel Griego | Health Blogger

The value that matters the most to me is definitely integrity. It wasn’t until I was in college that I fully grasped the meaning of integrity, but once I did, I realized that it was subconsciously a value that I held near and dear my entire life. Growing up, my parents raised us with integrity as a main foundation for everything we did. The way I learned about integrity was not through a dictionary, but through my parents’ actions; every choice they made for our family was filtered through the lens of integrity. I have realized over the last decade just how important integrity is to me. I think I took for granted that not everyone holds themselves to the same standards that I had been raised with; I experienced a handful of people that did not operate with integrity over the years through school and work. Read more>>

Andy & Lisa Hawker | Owner, The Filling Station

We started the Filling Station with community-building in mind. Our values include hospitality, friendship, and service, and the Filling Station was created so we could share those values and enhance our community. Read more>>