How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Camilo Gomez | Mountain Guide

Risk is an integral part of my daily work as a mountain guide, almost by definition. My job is to take my clients into situations that are inherently risky and then to use my expertise to mitigate that risk to accomplish some objective. No matter what safety gear is in place, hanging from a rope on the side of a cliff carries a certain level of risk. So too does hiking to the summit of a Colorado 14er, where exposure to storms and potentially dangerous terrain is simply part of the deal. Read more>>

Olivia Starling | Founder & CEO of Starlette Galleria

I’m a really big fan of taking risks. If you aren’t willing to bet on yourself, then who else will? Not every risk you take will work out. If you take risks, you will experience failure, but the ability to pivot and learn from mistakes is what makes every risk worth it. It is not easy being brave with your life. You will receive criticism and experience pain. But the reward waiting on the other side is worth it. Read more>>

Brooke Rash | Beauty Influencer

The reason most people stay where they are at is because they are never willing to leave their comfort zones and take risks. Most people play it safe and therefore they never achieve anything great. As a self made millionaire who came from nothing, I can tell you that one of the main reasons I have had the success I’ve had is because I am constantly moving the bar and taking new risks. Without risk you have no reward. It doesn’t mean you should be irresponsible or reckless, but definitely know that the second you begin to move towards your dreams and take risks you will have people in your life that will come out of the woodwork to try to talk you off the proverbial ledge to “keep you safe”. Read more>>

Stefan Cosma | Mobile Bar Owner

When the word “risk” pops up, I often think of a term I learnt in business school, which is “opportunity cost”. Every decision and action you take has an element of risk attached to it, but there is also an opportunity cost in deciding not to do something different. The freedom we have gained has cost us some short and medium term security, for example. Read more>>

Nerea The Fiddler | International Fiddler – Entertainer

I think risk is essential to growth. It has played an essential part of my life. I am half Spanish, half French, born in the USA. I was born in this country thanks to my parents taking a risk and moving here. We later moved to Canada, another risk on their behalf. Our life was constantly moving, evolving and changing growing up and this lead me to become a risk taker. The launch of my first album, the different genres of music I have explored, learned and performed as well as the different venues and events I have played for have all been different forms of risks. If you don’t try, you will never know your full potential Read more>>