We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Adrienne Rubin | Travel Director, Trail Guide, and Riding Instructor

Horses are like children – you can’t fathom how much work, responsibility, and reward they are until you have them, and traveling with them takes a tremendous amount of effort, planning, and patience. Navigating the horse world can feel like a mountain range of learning curves; learning to ride or learning a new riding discipline, learning how to own and care for a horse of your own, learning how to compete, and learning how to travel with horses all present different sets of skills and challenges. Without the guidance of an instructor, friend, mentor, or family member to show you the ropes, it can be challenging for even experienced equestrians to explore new waters. Read more>>

Corey Wiegand | Owner, Home Treasure Finders

Everything in real estate marketing is backwards. Beautiful listing photos and videos aren’t for buyer’s, they are to be used to get more sellers. Real estate “for sale” signs, they get more sellers too. Marketing to your sphere online with Social media posts seems like it would get sellers, but no, it gets buyers by referral. Nearly everything works exactly opposite to what one would think intuitively. Read more>>

Janice Kerbel | Owner, Photographer, Videographer, Photo Editor, Video Editor, Manager, Accountant, Media

When starting in a new industry like photography and not knowing anything about it. It is hard to find how to promote your business, where to advertise your business, what to use to get your name out there. That is the hardest thing getting your name out there and that you are ready for business. Read more>>

Megan Lentz | Wedding & Event Planner

People are always shocked that I’m a wedding planner. I’m not Type A and am very laid back, so it’s always that stereotypical “Jennifer Lopez” type of planner they have in their head. We’re not all like that! When Maria and I first started Vida Events, we were over the constant stigma around how you should plan your wedding, ie. you should be stressed, pulling your hair out and it’s unenjoyable. We joined the industry ready to change that and I think we’ve done a spectacular job so far. Wedding planning is FUN! I’ll say it again for the people in the back, ” It’s ok to have a good time planning your wedding!!” The wedding industry isn’t just a big ball of crazy. Finding the right wedding vendors for your dream day is key, and we’re here to make that happen! Read more>>