We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Devin Jaffe | Founder and Executive Director for Nature’s Educators

Running a wildlife program out of your home is extremely fun and rewarding, but also incredibly difficult. There are no “off” days. Many folks leave work at work and come home and can relax. I care for living beings that need attention, enrichment, food, water, cleaning, and veterinary care. Just because it snows a lot or I am sick or I really need a day off….I still need to be available to care for the ambassadors. I have had people say “Wow, must be so nice to be able to work from home.” A lot of people work from home, but my work is quite a bit different! When volunteers, interns, or staff call out…it’s me who has to cover. I rarely have vacation days and even when I am on trips, I still have to be available to help team members, book events, and send invoices. Respect those that run wildlife programs out of their homes! We work really hard! Read more>>

Tonya McRee | Holistic Health Coach

How important Health Coaches are for a variety of issues of health and life. People have a tendency to think in terms of only nutrition, weight loss, and exercise. There are so many other areas in ones life to consider, stress management, financial concerns, addiction, life altering health events, relationships and many more. All of these areas are considered “Health”. Living a healthy lifestyle encumbers more than food. What I want people to realize is that once they start to make positive changes in one area of their life that is out of balance, it’s natural to want to make changes in the other areas. It’s a natural progression to becoming the best version of oneself. Read more>>

Elizabeth Osberg | Owner and Photographer

When it comes to school portraits there is a lot of misconception that it’s a one and done situation. That’s what we’ve been trained to believe. I operate on a different philosophy; creating images unique to each student by engaging with them, making them feel seen, and creating beautiful images that reflect who they are. Read more>>